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Review | Anatomicals skincare ❤

Skincare products are very important in beauty, in fact, having great skincare products will do much better for you than any type of makeup will! I’m not saying you should forget the makeup all together I just think people should take more care of their skin. I’m guilty of neglecting and abusing my skin and… Continue reading Review | Anatomicals skincare ❤

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Spring essentials ❤

So Spring is definitely in full bloom here, I even managed to rock a Summer dress yesterday without getting cold, Woooo! With the recent weather change comes a new list of essential products to get you through both the hot ‘summers almost here’ days and the ‘who turned off the heating’ days. After a lot of… Continue reading Spring essentials ❤

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First impressions | Lavera ❤

Hey all! Up until a few weeks ago I’d actually never heard of Lavera, I didn’t even know it existed until a wonderful lady contacted me via Instagram asking if I’d be so kind as to try out a few products! Obviously I said yes (you all should know by now how much I love… Continue reading First impressions | Lavera ❤

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Haul | Makeup Revolution ❤

Wooo! It’s been such a long time since I did a reasonable sized haul I think the last one was my huge Christmas haul, it’s not that I haven’t bought anything, I’ve just bought little bits at a time so I’d have to save them all up and do it all in one go and… Continue reading Haul | Makeup Revolution ❤

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Review | Caked lip fondants ❤

If you haven’t seen Caked on Instagram yet then go do it and you’ll see just how easily I fell in love with their lip fondants! So I was delighted when they said they would send me their whole range to review for you all. As you can see from their profile they are 100%… Continue reading Review | Caked lip fondants ❤

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Colour Freedom ❤

I love hair dye and even more so I love vibrant hair dyes that don’t ruin my hair. That was exactly what I was hoping to find when using Colour Freedom for the first time. They’re a semi-permenant hair dye sold exclusively at Superdrug and range from the gorgeous silver Greys through to the brightest… Continue reading Colour Freedom ❤

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The ‘Amazing Concealer’ ❤

Everyone has had bad luck when it comes to concealer, if you haven’t then you’re clearly some sort of wierd super-human thing who’s never needed a concealer and you have naturally airbrushed looking skin! (Please tell me your secrets!) Anyway, I have had a fair amount of mishaps when it comes to buying a new… Continue reading The ‘Amazing Concealer’ ❤