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Tried and tested | Eylure lashes ❤

I remember he first time I tried to use false eyelashes, I picked up the cheapest pair I could find and went home to try them out. I must have been around 13 ish and thought I knew it all so when I got back and tried to apply the lashes, things just went from… Continue reading Tried and tested | Eylure lashes ❤

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Makeup storage ❤

I am crazy happy right now, I FINALLY have a dressing table for all my makeup instead of using old gift boxes 🙈 anyway, I just had to show everyone as I’m sooo excited!! So on top I have my perfumes, brushes and favourite lipsticks (they will all be on there eventually, when my other… Continue reading Makeup storage ❤

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Hot hacks for a flawless face ❤

We’re all always looking for tips and tricks to make sure our make up looks flawless and perfect but with these hot hacks used in your make up routine you’re sure to achieve it easier and quicker than you thought! These are thing’s which I have learnt from blogs/YouTube/friends suggestions over the years of wearing… Continue reading Hot hacks for a flawless face ❤

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How to make your own makeup ❤

I came across this post on another website and found it really interesting so I thought I’d share it with all of you, it’s definitely one to try out!! You can read the original post on Homemade for Elle Homemade Foundation  What you need:  Arrowroot powder (you could sub cornstartch, but it is not quite as… Continue reading How to make your own makeup ❤