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Tried and tested | Eylure lashes ❤

I remember he first time I tried to use false eyelashes, I picked up the cheapest pair I could find and went home to try them out. I must have been around 13 ish and thought I knew it all so when I got back and tried to apply the lashes, things just went from… Continue reading Tried and tested | Eylure lashes ❤

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Haul | Makeup Revolution ❤

Wooo! It’s been such a long time since I did a reasonable sized haul I think the last one was my huge Christmas haul, it’s not that I haven’t bought anything, I’ve just bought little bits at a time so I’d have to save them all up and do it all in one go and… Continue reading Haul | Makeup Revolution ❤

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Offers* Benefit ❤

So i recently received an email from Benefit Makeup telling me all about their best offers they have going on right now so i thought I’d be amazing and share those with you so you can all make the most of it too ❤ First of all, all of their Christmas limited edition kits are… Continue reading Offers* Benefit ❤

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Hello my lovelies, Unfortunately I’m unable to edit the last post again for some reason so I decided to make a new post with the latest information I have. If you didn’t have the chance to read about in my last post then you can find it Here But basically are a Berlin… Continue reading Rewards ❤


Update*** rewards ❤

14/07 12 weeks on and no more vouchers, I’ve honestly lost all hope now. Nobody seems to have received any vouchers/rewards in a good 3 weeks now and the ‘new customer service system’ seems to be ridiculously slower than before as I’m only seeing 1 or 2 replies a day on twitter and nothing on… Continue reading Update*** rewards ❤

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Twitter giveaway ❤

As I’m getting close to getting 500 followers on Twitter I’m holding a giveaway as a result!! Up for grabs is the Sleek makeup party box gift set!! I have a lot of people asking about Sleek products so this is perfect! It contains: Precious Metals Highlighting Palette (RRP £9.99) I-Divine Storm Palette (RRP £7.99)… Continue reading Twitter giveaway ❤

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Free nails inc polish ❤

When I heard that the April Marie Claire came with a free nails inc polish I was quite excited, amongst other brands i do love a bit of nails inc. They have 4 exclusive shades available worth £11 each a pastel purple, pastel pink, magenta and a brown-nude colour. After trolling all the newsagents in… Continue reading Free nails inc polish ❤