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Review | Saturated Colour SheerStick lipstick ❤

You all know how much I love trying out new brands so I was super excited when Saturated Colours agreed to do a collab with me. Their products are available from the Saturated Colour website and they have so many quirky and fun designs of their packaging and they’re really affordable too!

So I chose to try the SheerStick in Fresh Rose as it looks like such a wearable everyday shade which means it’s going to get a lot of use rather than all the shades I have sitting in the back of my drawers that don’t get used because they’re too bright.


Firstly, the packaging is super cute, I love the round cylinder lipsticks as they fit so much better I lipstick holders. It kind of reminds me of the Primark lipsticks which have the bigger bit at the bottom of the tube to show the colour of the lipstick inside, but obviously these casings match the colour inside rather than being standard black that the Primark ones are.

The actual formula is very sheer and buttery which I expected by the ‘SheerStick’ name but in all honesty it doesn’t seem to show up on my lips at all, it just gives them a bit of shine as you would get from using a normal lip balm.


I feel like because of the added Vitamin E and Jojoba oil my lips get softer and smoother the more I apply so I just use it as an actual lip balm rather than a lipstick!

There are 8 shades to choose from so there is something for everyone and they’re £7 each.

Have you tried any Saturated Colour products?

Hannah x


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