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Review | Andrew Barton Hair Care ❤

If you saw my Colour Freedom hair dye review at the beginning of the month you would have seen just how bad condition my hair was in after bleaching it a number of times and I was struggling to find something to improve the condition of it so I was totally excited to collaborate with Andrew Barton Hair Care products and see whether they could help my dry frizzy mess that is my hair!


So the lovely people sent me a great range of products to use including their Protect my colour shampoo and conditioner, the Protect my colour heat protection spray, their SOS hair repair miracle hair oil and the smooth that frizz gloss serum which I am amazingly grateful for them all!

The first time I tried the shampoo and conditioner I was like ‘oh, OK so my hair feels pretty much the same’ I wasn’t really impressed but now, after using it alongside the rest of the products for almost a month my hair is immensely soft and it actually SHINES! This is such a big deal for me as my hair hasn’t shined without being a greasy mess for years, literally years!


The shampoo has a very fruity orangy scent to it which literally fills the house when you’re washing your hair. The conditioner has a hint of musk to it, when using it after the shampoo it just brings out all the different scents and prolongs them for days. I wanted to see just how long it lasted and 4 days later it started to fade! That’s some serious power!

Next is the Protect my colour heat protection spray, this is the sort of thing I normally forget to actually use but not this time. Because you have to apply it to damp/wet hair I decided that I’d keep it in the bathroom so that as soon as I finished washing my hair I’d apply it and not forget. I left my hair to dry naturally then straightened it and it didn’t dry out my hair at all which it normally would!


Naturally my hair is wavy, dry, very frizzy and at times, uncontrollable which makes me very self conscious about wearing it natural because of how big and bushy it can be (think Emma Watson in the first Harry Potter film!) So I normally just throw it up into a messy bun on top of my head and be done with it. But since using a combination of Andrew Barton products I haven’t had to worry so much and my hair looks less bushy and is more managable!


Next is the Smooth that frizz gloss serum which contains Moroccan Argan oil and Sweet Almond oil, this actually doesn’t have a scent to it, well not that’s strong enough for me to pick up anyway. So you rub a bit between your hands (I chose to use my fingertips) then run it through your hair to eliminate frizz, which it did without any major fuss!

Lastly, the SOS hair repair miracle hair oil which contains Moroccan Argan oil and Macadamia oil, I’ve been using this literally all the time on the ends of my hair and I’m extremely impressed by how well it’s repaired them and made them look so much healthier than they have in ages! It also has a very strong coconut scent to it so your hair can always smell great!

All in all, I feel so much happier about the state of my hair and it actually feels healthy and looked after for a change! New holy grail products right here!

For the whole Andrew Barton Hair Care range go to Andrew Barton, most products are also available on ASDA for £3.20 each so make sure you have a look there too!

What are your hair problems and holy grail products to fix them??

Hannah x


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