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Mini Haul and First Impressions | Essence cosmetics ❤

Technically this isn’t a first impressions as I’ve used a number of essence products before but most of these are new to me so we’ll go with first impressions anyway!

Essence products are super affordable and great quality with a professional look and feel to them.

So first up are the Essence Velvet Matte  lipstick in 07 and The Nudes lipstick in Come naturally, I already had come naturally from a few months ago and I love it, both of these lipsticks are crazy gorgeous and pigmented. They last a good few hours at a time and the matte shade isn’t drying at all!

Left is Come Naturally and Right is Velvet Matte 07

Next is the xxl lipgloss in Shy Beauty, I love this pinky nude shade, it’s like a slight hint of colour on the lips rather than full on which I love using over nude shade lipsticks. The apllicator wand isn’t that big though and it’s sort of scratchy so some product ends up patchy but if you rub your lips together after then that’s no problem.


Also I was sent the longlasting lip liner in Berry on my Mind. I am literally in love with this colour, it’s like a deep rose colour and it literally lasts all day! I wore it by itself and it withstood eating and drinking all day, I did use a bit of lip balm over it to hydrate my lips but it still didn’t budge!


This is the Mattifying compact powder in Natural Beige 01, compared to the lightest shades of other compact powders this looks seriously dark but it seems to blend really well with my pasty white skin perfectly, initially it leaves the skin feeling and looking very matte but with my super oily complexion it doesn’t actually hold off for the whole day but I’m actually struggling to find any powder that does right now!


Next, the Sun Club 2 in 1 bronzing powder in Sunshine, this is half bronzer and half highlighter, but unfortunately it’s really awkward to get the brush to just pick up one shade or the other. The shades themselves are perfect for a subtle bronzed contoured look.


Also is the I ❤ nude eyeshadow in O Pistachio Mio which is a stunning silver grey shade. This is super pigmented and smooth to apply, it’s slightly chalky but nothing to worry about. It blends really well and stays put without creasing so it’s pretty perfect!


Then there’s The Velvets eyeshadow in You Better Mauve, firstly, how freaking gorgeous it this pattern? I am literally in love with everything about this! The pigmentation is great, it lasts for ages and the colour is perfection!


Next, the 2 in 1 eyeshadow and liner in I’m blue, this is actually a great smokey grey shade! I have no idea where the ‘blue’ came from but either way it’s crazy pigmented and lasts as a liner really well, it did crease when worn as an eyeshadow though.


Lastly is the silky touch blush in 70 Kissable, this is my perfect blusher shade, I must have around 10 variations of this colour already but most are matte whereas this is a satin finish which makes it perfect for that glowy look for spring!


I was also sent the plump no clump mascara and the forbidden volume mascara but as I have way too many mascaras open I haven’t actually opened these yet, when I do I will post a short review for each one!


Swatches top row: 2 in 1 bronzing powder in Sunshine, left is the bronzer shade and right is the highlighter.
Bottom row: Lip liner, velvet matte lipstick, come naturally lipstick, 2 in 1 eyeshadow and liner, silky touch blush, I ❤ nude eyeshadow, velvet eyeshadow.


All essence products are available in the UK from Wilkinsons and are really affordable, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything priced over £5! Also make sure you check out the Longlasting eyeliners and the I ❤ stage eyeshadow base which are total holy grail products for me!!

Hannah x


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