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Review | Anatomicals skincare ❤

Skincare products are very important in beauty, in fact, having great skincare products will do much better for you than any type of makeup will! I’m not saying you should forget the makeup all together I just think people should take more care of their skin. I’m guilty of neglecting and abusing my skin and it horrifies me to think of the damage that I’ve caused which could have been prevented had I actually cared a little more!

So I’ve decided to dedicate a lot more time improving my skincare routine and finding some new holy grail products that leave my skin flawless without the use of makeup!

Anatomicals is one of the skincare brands that I really enjoyed using, their products aren’t overpriced and they actually do work! I don’t think I’ve actually bought one of their products that I dislike.


These Puffy the eye bag slayer are literally the best thing ever! I don’t get puffy eyes too often but the days I do I just place these under my eyes, leave them for 5-10 minutes and they soothe the area and my puffy eyes are gone! They actually smell really great too, I’ve noticed a lot of similar products actually smell really perfumy or chemically but these smell really fresh and light.


Another of my favourite Anatomicals products is the Zap! Zap! Zap! Gets that chap day and night spot stick, I only started using this just recently as my skin decided it was going to be an oily mess and kept breaking out for no apparent reason. I really don’t care for many other spot clearing products on the market, they just don’t do anything for me and I end up wasting loads of money and I’m still stuck looking like a spotty mess. This on the other hand is fabulous, I’m not going to lie I had my doubts but this giant spot was preparing for a huge appearance the other day, I put a small amount of the ‘day’ side on it in the morning and by the evening (when I remembered) it was gone and there was no sign of it at all!


Another of their greatest products has to be these face masks, Farewell the scarlet pimplehell and The hottie tottie is never spotty are both seriously amazing. The packaging is bright, bold and to the point which means you know exactly what you’re getting when you buy it, and the names just make me chuckle! These are definitely aimed at teens and young twenty-something year olds! My whole face felt so nourished and fresh after using them I actually stocked up on plenty more. They’re not too great with getting rid of blackheads but not many face masks that I’ve tried are nowadays. My makeup went on so much smoother and looked totally flawless after using this that I’ll be using these way more often now!

Have you tried any Anatomicals products yet?

Hannah x


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