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First impressions | Lavera ❤

Hey all!

Up until a few weeks ago I’d actually never heard of Lavera, I didn’t even know it existed until a wonderful lady contacted me via Instagram asking if I’d be so kind as to try out a few products! Obviously I said yes (you all should know by now how much I love trying out new brands!)

Anyway, she sent me a variety of products to try out including a foundation, concealer, highlighter and a few lipsticks. All products are cruelty free and vegan friendly!


Firstly I love these lipsticks left is Matt’n Plum and right is Casual Nude, the pigmentation is great, they don’t last too well if worn alone but I can’t seem to get many lipsticks to stay put anyway! These colours are so gorgeous! The nude is a little too light for me but if you wear the berry shade over the nude then you get the most perfect rose shade which is perfect for spring!



Next are swatches from the Concealer, foundation and highlighter, for some reason these all smell like sherbert which is kind of a put off at times because it does linger for a long while and gets a little sickly.

The first item is the highlighter in shade Shimmering Pearl, now I’ve actually never used a cream based highlighter so this was interesting, it doesn’t feel heavy or cakey when applied but it does take a lot to blend it out to give a more natural healthy glow.

The concealer is shade Ivory and is in the middle, this is better for covering minor blemishes, it doesn’t do a lot for my under eye circles unfortunately but looks great as a natural highlighter.


The foundation swatch in shade Ivory Nude is on the right and this seems to be a light coverage foundation, I’d probably class it as more of a tinted moisturiser type coverage, but it doesn’t oxidise well meaning it does look like you have an orangy tinge if your not careful!

The product range is available from Naturisimo
The prices of the products shown are as follows; Foundation £12.90, Concealer £10.90, Highlighter £9.50, Lipsticks £11.90

All in all, I think the products are great for a lighter face for the summer as long as your skins pretty clear. If you’re looking for something more heavy duty and higher coverage I’d suggest looking elsewhere for your foundation and concealer. The lipsticks are on point though so I’d definitely suggest picking up a variety of shades!

Hannah x


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