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Review | Caked lip fondants ❤

If you haven’t seen Caked on Instagram yet then go do it and you’ll see just how easily I fell in love with their lip fondants! So I was delighted when they said they would send me their whole range to review for you all. As you can see from their profile they are 100% Cruelty free and vegan so for those of you who take pride in only using Cruelty free brands then this is a top one to support!!


Look at how gorgeous the boxes are! They are super vibrant and have the most adorable doughnuts on the sides which really remind me of the Simpsons! The only downside is that there’s no names on the boxes so you have to open each one to see the colours.

The actual packaging is similar sizing to Jeffree Star packaging so it’s a perfect fit for most regular sized lipstick holders. The tube is made of a very durable acrylic which seems to sturdy enough to survive a few accidental drops if they need to. The lids have the Caked logo on the side with cute sprinkles all around and on the top is a doughnut with a bite missing (which looks like a ‘C’ for Caked!) which I think is super adorable!


The moment I opened the first one I could smell such a sweet vanilla type smell which I find great. The formula itself is a perfect consistency, it’s super smooth and lightweight, it very much reminds me of the Makeup Revolution ultra velour lip cream texture while it’s still wet. The colours when dry are slightly darker than they look when you first apply them but not too dark that it really affects the colour you’re wearing if that makes sense!

The only thing I will advise is that you leave it a good 10 minutes to dry completely before trying to rub it or smudge it because if it’s not dry you’ll end up with stain marks all round your mouth and end up looking like some crazy woman!


The wand applicator is pretty much a standard lipgloss wand, nothing special to write home about but works perfectly for this product, very little mess made!

Normally with liquid lipsticks I can feel just how rough my lips feel and end up licking my lips a lot which inevitably makes the product wear off super quickly. But with these, I don’t, yes they are a little drying but no more than a normal matte lipstick so they actually lasted a very long time! I managed to eat and drink with no transfer and no flakiness on the inner edges of my lips where I would with almost every other brand.


From left to right the shades are:
Legit, Sweet Tooth, Jelly, Crème de la Crème, Low Key, Power Trip (epic names right!)

I’m literally in love with all these colours though! It’s like they’ve made them all for my personal preference, my favourite shade is either Low Key or Crème de la Crème for everyday wear but I’ve worn them all and love them all equally! I’d definitely suggest including a nice statement red in there to attract more people as the reddish shade (Power Trip) is more of a deep burnt orange than a red.


Each lip fondant is $16 (around £11.50) from which is an amazing price for what you’re getting! They ship internationally to almost every country so there’s really no excuse for not treating yourself! Shipping charges to the UK are around $13 (£9/ £10) no matter whether you buy one or all the shades (buy them all😉).

Tell me which one you’re loving ❤

Hannah x


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