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Colour Freedom ❤

I love hair dye and even more so I love vibrant hair dyes that don’t ruin my hair. That was exactly what I was hoping to find when using Colour Freedom for the first time. They’re a semi-permenant hair dye sold exclusively at Superdrug and range from the gorgeous silver Greys through to the brightest of pink!

For too long now I’ve been using permanent bright hair colours and each time I end up disappointed that the colour doesn’t end up as bright as the box or has gone horribly patchy for no apparent reason. Those days are now gone!


I was sent the colours Pink Pizazz, Tropical Aqua, Magenta Dream and a Pastelizer to try out. I’ve chosen to use the Pink and Aqua for now as I was unable to lighten my hair enough to give a good base for a pastel shade without really damaging it. (I will do a second review once I’ve had time to let my hair repair).

Bleaching is not necessary but my hair was really dark and I wanted to really get the benefits of using a bright dye so I chose to lighten it first. I decided to try a top and bottom split dye rather than ombre hair that everyone seems to sport nowadays and it’s fair to say I was a little nervous.


In the box is the extra large tube of dye, gloves and instructions. Although it is an ‘extra large’ size I would suggest more than one if your hair is as thick and long as mine as I used what would be a whole tube if I stuck with one colour.


The dye has a sweet, fruity smell to it which makes a change from other dyes. The apllication was great as you can see where you’re actually putting the dye due to the colour, I did manage to get it all over my ears and neck though (even after putting moisturiser round everywhere) which took a few days to scrub off. The developing time is 30 minutes which I stuck to for a change, it did however take around 20 minutes to rinse out which was quite uncomfortable when bent over the bath with our useless shower but hopefully everyone else’s shower actually works well!


And look at how bright the results are!! (Excuse the frizz, this is what happens when I don’t straighten it!) The colours are stunning and it hasn’t dried my hair out in the slightest.

I left it for a few days before washing it and apart from some excess dye making a sly appearance there was no serious loss. After letting my hair dry naturally I checked the colour for any fade and there was nothing! I was actually scared that I’d end up with brightly coloured hair forever but after a few more washes it started to fade, just! So if you’re looking for something more temporary then be careful with these as they do stain.


Overall, they’re much better than any other vibrant hair dyes that I’ve used and I definitely recommend trying them out at some point!

Hannah x


6 thoughts on “Colour Freedom ❤

    1. I have dyed my hair purple in the past on top of my natural dark brown hair and it’s been completely fine. It was a dark purple, if you want more of a vibrant colour you’ll have to bleach it which will cause a bit damage, if you use a conditioning dye this should help breakage.

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