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The ‘Amazing Concealer’ ❤

Everyone has had bad luck when it comes to concealer, if you haven’t then you’re clearly some sort of wierd super-human thing who’s never needed a concealer and you have naturally airbrushed looking skin! (Please tell me your secrets!)

Anyway, I have had a fair amount of mishaps when it comes to buying a new concealer, I hate paying out a load of money on something that I can’t even try first (I don’t live close to anywhere that stocks any high end brands *sad face*). So I normally stick to drugstore brands, 9 times out of 10 they look great in swatches and in the store lighting (I swear any makeup could look great in that) but then the moment you get home and try it out you realise you’ve been had and the ‘really great’ product you thought you bought really sucks and it’s not even worth walking into town to return it!

I came across Amazing Cosmetics on Look Fantastic months ago but I could never get the page to load properly and so I just ended up losing interest until a few weeks ago when I found them again and decided this was the perfect chance for a collab. I was delighted when they said they were on board and that they would send me the ‘Amazing Concealer’ as I’d really had enough of the ones I was using!


When it arrived I noticed the box said ‘The world’s best concealer’ along one side and I actually laughed and thought yeah right! When it says use sparingly you really should listen to it as the first time I went a little over the top and ended up looking ghostly pale! But it covered, no eye bags, no horrible red blotches or spots, my skin was flawless for the first time in too long! The thick, full coverage formula doesn’t set into wrinkles or fine lines and lasts in place all day without allowing any oil to shine through!

Excuse the placement!

I thought I’d really put it to the test and check out the coverage over my tattoo, I was pleasently surprised when this happened! Although it’s not fully covered it it’s done a damn good job at trying!


This tube size is only 6ml which is the travel sized version and is available to buy from Amazing Cosmetics for £19.50 (in my opinion it’s totally worth the price!) Or the larger tube which is 15ml and a little more expensive at £29.50

Long gone are my days of not having a great concealer to hide those pesky blemishes!

Hannah x


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