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Before and After Dr Paw Paw ❤

Almost anyone who is anyone in the beauty industry has heard of Dr Paw Paw lip balms and the amazing reviews behind them. I thought I’d do a before and after review which is the perfect way to show you just how much you need these in your life especially since it’s spring and your lips need looking after after the cold winter.

I first tried Dr paw paw around 2 years ago when I was sent some by a lovely Australian girl in a makeup swap. At the time I didn’t realise it was available in the UK so when my darling son bit through the tube, I was heartbroken and ended up making do with other products until I finally had a look online and found so many stockists, I was saved!


So as you can see from the photos I have 2 different varieties, the Yellow one is the Original and the peach coloured tube is tinted peach pink balm. I love the brightness of the packaging, it really stands out against the standard product packaging colours ie. Silver/Black! The original one is a clear colour while the tinted one is exactly the same colour as the tube, which makes a change in the beauty world!

I have an obsession with my lips feeling smooth all the time so this was no fuss to carry around with me and apply at regular intervals throughout the day. It didn’t melt after spending hours in my pocket as so many lip balms seem to, it just got slightly easier to squeeze out which isn’t hard to do anyway! This photo shows the before, it killed me but I didn’t use anything on my lips for over 24 hours!


The peach one has a very subtle tint, almost unnoticeable on my lips so do bear that in mind when buying it. That being said though, it will show different shades depending on the natural tone of your lips. They both feel more watery than most lip balms so your lips can still breathe while you wear it!

So after applying it probably around 5 times a day for 2 days my lips felt super soft and no longer sore or chapped.


Not only can these be used for lips but they are also perfect as a gel for eyebrows, a primer for your eyelashes, and to run through the ends of your hair to give some life back to it!

I’ve suffered from dry patches of skin on my hands and feet for a while now and after rubbing a little Dr Paw Paw on they improve almost instantly and stay soft and smooth for longer.

All in all this is one of THE MOST IMPORTANT products you could have in your life! It will be the best £6.95 you ever spend!



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