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Review| The Holding Company Makeup Storage ❤

I love love love compact organisers to sit on my dressing table, I can store all my favourites in it so I don’t have to go rummaging round if I want something specific. I’m currently using mine to store new products that need reviewing though!

This particular one is available from The holding company for just under £17 right now which is a total bargain compared to most other stockists. They also have a great range of other makeup storage ideas so make sure you check those out while you’re browsing too!!


So as you can see this is made from clear acrylic which seems to be very durable, I wouldn’t advise on dropping it on solid surfaces just to be on the safe side but it can definitely handle a few knocks and bumps. The organiser is split into two parts, the top part with different sized compartments for lipsticks, blushers and foundation as you can see.


The lipstick sections will hold larger lipsticks that wouldn’t normally fit into a lipstick holder such as the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani lipsticks, Tom Ford, Guerlain, Kat Von D etc. Which is perfect, so many companies don’t cater for different sized lipsticks! The wider compartments are great for storing compacts and blushers or pretty much anything if I’m honest with you!
Theres also a ridged compartment at the front which is perfect for storing eye/lip liners or any form of makeup pens/pencils. The bottom part is an one section drawer with handle which can fit smaller palettes in or products too large to fit in the top sections, the possibilities are endless for what to put in there!

I personally think every girl needs one of these sitting on their dressing table looking gorgeous!

Hannah x


2 thoughts on “Review| The Holding Company Makeup Storage ❤

  1. Hi Hannah!!
    I’ve recently bought a cheap but large organizer mainly for my lipsticks, lip balms and lipglosses. But if it doesn’t satisfy me, I’ll remember “The holding company” for sure and check the site for something better, because this one looks so neat and sturdy… I even love its name!
    Thank you sooo much, this review makes me want to buy it immediately 😀

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