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ByAlegory Makeup Storage ❤

Everyone needs some sort of organisation to their makeup collection otherwise finding anything would be one big catastrophe, whether it’s in drawers or a dressing table you need something.. I personally have a dressing table with 4 drawers and the ikea Alex 9 drawer set that I was using little boxes in to seperate off different products. But if you remember reading my Amazon wishlist post a few months ago I included an acrylic makeup organiser for compacts/blushers. Perfect idea and was much needed for my face drawer because of the mess it kept getting in!

So when the company that make these amazing products ‘ByAlegory’ agreed to collaborate with me I was immensely happy, they sent me two of their innovative storage ideas to review and show you all! Obviously I chose the compact/blusher organiser and I decided to try out the oversized compact organizer which is absolute perfection!

So the first organiser is the smaller of the two with 8 compartments, size wise, I struggled to get a MAC studio fix powder to touch the bottom but thinner packaging such as MAC blushers can fit perfectly and as you can see below, they look pretty amazing! I got the clear acrylic but also available are pink, purple and white for those of you who prefer a bit of colour.

The product itself is 22cm long, 9cm wide and 5 cm deep and weighs quite a respectable 327g! That being said though, this is the most sturdy acrylic organiser I have come across and a little extra weight never hurt anyone right! I did accidentally knock it off my dressing table the other day (luckily it was empty) and it did more damage to the floor 😂


The second organiser is the oversized compact organizer which is an absolute godsend for storing all my palettes in! I realised when it turned up that I didn’t actually have enough larger blushers and powders to fill it and although I could have gone out and bought more, I decided that I’d be a little more sensible and just choose something else to store in it.

The sizing is perfect for bigger blushes such as the Too Faced sweethearts blush or the Mac studio fix powder. However, it’s even more perfect for standing 2 Naked palettes in or 3 makeup revolution palettes in a compartment. Searching through my palettes has never been easier thanks to this organiser! It weighs 848g which is really quite heavy and with palettes in it it weighs even more so don’t go putting it on some flimsy shelf! It’s a great size though at 25cm long, 21.5cm wide and 6.6cm deep so you can fit a lot in the 10 different compartments!


The organisers are available from Amazon for £19.99 and the oversized one is also available at Amazon for £22.99. Because they sell through Amazon they are available in most countries!

Check out the ByAlegory website to see their full range of organisers including lipstick and lipgloss holders, single shadow organisers and more, I know I’ll be picking up more! You can also save 20% by following the pop up link on their website to follow them on Instagram!

How do you store your makeup?

Hannah x

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