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Review | Jeepers Peepers Sunglasses ❤

Happy Easter to you all ❤

I was super excited when Jeepers Peepers agreed to collaborate with me and even more excited when my package turned up with not one but TWO pairs of Sunglasses to review!


So the first pair are the Fifi style glasses in blue, which are an oversized style in such a stunning colour and they’re the typical style of glasses I’d choose, normally in a more neutral colour but I’m really loving the contrast of the blue against my hair! The lenses are black gradients which block out the sun really well! They are also extremely comfy and I was able to wear them all day (mix of wearing on my head and eyes) without any aches or pains.


The Fifi frames are made of a sturdy plastic but they’re still lightweight, which is total perfection, as you can see from the photo they have a ridge running round the top of the frames going down the arms. They also have a slight curve to the front of the arms so make more of an “S” shape which makes them more of a unique style than the average glasses. The only thing that bothered me was when it was windy it felt like it was all hitting my eyes, worse than if I wasn’t wearing sunglasses, so don’t go out in any storms in them!


The other pair I was sent are the ‘Gold cat’ glasses which are also oversized but are made of a faded gold metal rather than plastic. While this is a great move for sturdiness and incase of accidentally dropping them it does mean unfortunately they are a lot heavier than I would have liked, but they do have moveable nose rests which makes them comfier to wear without digging into the bridge of my nose like I’d imagine them to had they had ones built into the frames.


These also have the same black gradient lenses as the Fifi ones which also block out most of the sun but these don’t allow the wind to get through so much so I’d definitely recommend these for driving, especially if you have the roof down or windows open a lot.


All Jeepers Peepers Sunglasses are available from ASOS for around £15- £20 each which is a great price for such gorgeous eyewear!

Let me know which you prefer below ❤



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