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Review | Hindsight Vintage Sunglasses ❤

I’ve always worn oversized sunglasses so making the decision to try out some different styles and colours was a big deal for me, after a lot of trawling the internet I finally had a browse on ASOS and came across Hindsight Vintage Sunglasses and instantly knew I’d found ‘the ones!’

I decided to contact the wonderful people at Hindsight Vintage to see if they were looking for bloggers to collaborate with and when they replied saying they were I was seriously excited! I ended up very generously receiving both of my favourite pairs from ASOS and I can genuinely say they look even better in person than in photos.


The black pair are available here and are wayfarer style glasses but the gold accents give them a great sophisticated edge to them and I can honestly say that these are literally the most comfortable glasses I have ever had the chance of wearing. They have black timted lenses with a hint of purple which seem to block out most of the light (so no squinty faces!). The arms are slightly longer than I’m used to and not as tight on my head as I would normally like but I will be looking for other glasses that fit like this in the future. The arm width does mean that I struggle to keep them on my head when I’m not wearing them but it just means I’ll have to hook them on my top or put them in my bag instead! They weight practically nothing so I wasn’t sure they would be very sturdy but they are surprisingly solid so I don’t have to worry if I do accidentally drop them.


The other pair I fell in love with are these gorgeous pink and gold ones which you can buy here. While both pairs are wayfarer style glasses, these ones are slightly more unique in the way that there is a gold strip surrounding the black tinted lenses. The frame is made of a beautiful transparent pink plastic which has no movement when you try and bend them so you know they’re really sturdy! I love how these have moving nose pads rather than the ones built into the frames like the black ones (although the black ones are perfect fitting) as these give a bit of flex and fit just slightly tighter so they seem to sit more securely on my face.


With both of these glasses being super comfortable, seriously stylish and only £20 each I really can’t pick a favourite but I will be looking to buy more of their range to add to my collection.

Which are your favourites?

Hannah x


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