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Ruby Rocks & Storm sunglasses ❤

Ruby Rocks

So at the beginning of the Year I decided that this year I would be expanding my blog by telling you about different topics and I’ve chosen the current seasonal change to review and promote different styles and brands of sunglasses.

I found Ruby Rocks sunglasses online after a recommendation from a friend, I couldn’t resist their quirky designs and I instantly fell in love with these gorgeous oversized pink framed beauties. They are literally the perfect size for my face and happen to cover my eye bags and eyebrows perfectly which is especially great for those days where you need to pop out but have no time to put a face on! (Yes, this is definitely something I think of when getting sunglasses 🙈)


After a few hours of wearing them, the arms did start to dig into the top of my ears, which was quite uncomfortable but just look at this stunning design of the metal arms! The pale pink colour is soo pretty and goes well with many looks but make sure you don’t end up clashing colours, nothing looks worse than mis-matched outfits.


The glasses themselves do block out most of the sun, which is great! I don’t advise looking straight at the sun (like I did!) as they won’t fully protect your eyes but they’re enough to stop the wierd looking squint you get when it’s too bright!

These are stocked at the Break the Ice website for £35 along with similar fun styles. It’s worth a look if you’re hoping to treat yourself to some new sunnies now we’ve hit spring!


I also had the opportunity to try out a pair of Storm sunglasses, until about a month ago I was totally oblivious to the fact that Storm sold anything other than watches let alone that they sell Women’s clothing/accessories too!

These tortoiseshell effect ones are super gorgeous and are literally the most comfortable glasses I have ever had the chance of wearing, both on my face and my head. They don’t even slide around when doing housework and I honestly completely forget that they’re even there which is great for comfort but I have to try and remember to be extra careful so I don’t end up losing or breaking them! I can actually look at the sun in these without feeling like I’m going to go blind.


I think these are sturdier than the Ruby Rocks ones and not as awkward to pair up with your outfit due to the colour. These are made from just plastic rather than plastic and metal so they’re lightweight. They are a bit smaller than the Ruby Rocks ones as you can just see my imperfect eyebrows over the top (which would be great for a #BrowsOnFleek day but not so much if it was one of “those” eyebrow days!)


They are also available from Break the Ice along with some amazing other styles for both men and women! I definitely recommend you all go check them out ❤



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