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Review | bdellium tools ❤

Happy Friday my lovelies ❤

Over the past few months I seem to have developed a bit of a makeup brush addiction, so when I stumbled upon a photo of bdellium tools brushes on Instagram I knew I had to find out where I could get my hands on these gorgeous yellow brushes!

It was literally like love at first sight and you can see why!

Bdellium is pronounced Del-ee-um, the ‘b’ is silent which I didn’t realise until a few days ago.


So, to start with, the bdellium tools 964 studio all purpose blusher brush. Initially I thought this was going to be too small for my blusher as I’d normally use my Real Techniques multi task brush which is much larger in comparison. However, I had a lot more control over the area I was applying the blusher and realised the size of the brush is actually the perfect size for a more precise application. None of the bristles feel loose or have fallen out so far which is great! The bristles aren’t the softest but they’re not irritating and the colour transfers so easily from brush to cheek!


The other brush I got to try out is the bdellium tools 955 travel finishing brush which is the softest brush I have ever used, it feels like feathers rather than a brush! This is used better with a powder  rather than liquid, I feel like the liquid foundation made the brush drag too much and I just don’t feel like I got a great coverage but with the powder I got an all-over even coverage with a perfect matte finish.


I was also sent some of these gorgeous lip crayons to review for you guys. Let me just say one word, WOW! I’m very used to lip crayons being very sheer but these have a thicker feeling formula that is soo pigmented it’s unreal!


I got the shades Pink Cadillac and Lil’ Red which are gorgeous bright shades which are perfect. I’m actually in love with the red, it’s just that timeless classic red that no matter your skin tone/age etc you can always wear! They last a good 6 hours without having to reapply, which is amazing!


Just look at those swatches! The packaging feels very strong and durable and has a click on cap so there’s no way it’s falling off if you carry it in your bag. I particularly like the fact that it’s a twist up crayon rather than needing to be sharpened, I seem to have an awful lot of pencils which really need to be sharpened but I’m just too lazy to do it!

The brushes shown are $14 each from bdellium tools website (they do ship internationally!) Or some sets are available from BeautyBay if you’d rather order there. The lip crayons are $10 each again from bdellium tools website, or from BeautyChamber (I’ve not personally used this site)

H x


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