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Review| DGJ Organics hair colour remover ❤

As long as I can remember I’ve been dying my own hair, sometimes really well, others, well let’s just be thankfull for online shopping 😂

That is however, until I discovered hair colour remover. Now, there are many different brands claiming to do all sorts of wonderful miracles for your hair but unfortunately not many actually work. It’s like hey we’re just going to throw some bleach in the mix and call it remover! Not what you want.


DGJ organics hair colour remover contains no harsh chemicals that have a nasty effect on your hair. It works by shrinking the colour molecules in your hair which ables them to just be washed away with ease.

I first picked up one of these kits around 4 years ago when I wanted to remove the remains of the ‘Rihanna red’ that stained my hair like nothing I’ve seen.

The kit contains an activator (bottle 1), a remover (bottle 2) and a buffer (bottle 3) along with gloves and instructions on how to use it.


(Please note: the mixture really doesn’t smell good, kind of like a stink bomb in all honesty but it’s a small price to pay!)

So after following all the instructions exactly this is what I ended up with!
It does still look orangey in the photo but it’s more of a light brown in person, I have no idea why my camera doesn’t see that.


My hair looks and feels so much better, I especially love using the DGJ Organics Honeydew Melon shampoo and conditioner for extra softness which is available from the Makeup Revolution website!

This photo was taken the day of using the kit but I’ve noticed more colour wash out since which is totally expected.

Thank you DGJ organics ❤

H x


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