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Review* Imperial Candle ❤

This year I have decided to expand my blog by not just posting makeup/beauty related content so when the amazing people at Imperial Candles agreed to send me one of their ‘Hidden Jewel’ candles to review I was over the moon!

All imperial candles are made from Soy wax rather than paraffin wax, which means that they’re made of natural vegetable oil rather than petroleum oil. A main benefit for this is a stronger, longer-lasting scent which is one of the main reasons for having scented candles in the first place. They are also hand poured in England so each one has a personal touch and are made to the best of quality.


The candles are available to buy at Imperial candles and range between £22-£32. For that price you can’t go wrong with seeing as you’re getting a gorgeous piece of jewellery inside worth between a minimum RRP of £10 right up to a whopping £2,000! Right now there is also a chance to win an iPad air and they have just finished a competition for a mini cooper! Only products up to a certain price range are hidden in the candle, the others have a little note which says what you have got and you have to claim the prize so it can be sent specially tracked with insurance for obvious reasons.


This particular scent, Black Raspberry Vanilla could not be anymore perfect for my personal taste. You can definitely smell a great amount of fruit with the sweetest vanilla base note that lingers long after the candle is extinguished.


After about 20 hours of burning (not all in one go obviously!) I finally saw the top of the foil which held my jewel. I was honestly like a kid at Christmas, I did struggle a bit to remove it as it was stuck to the glass but after a bit of wiggling I managed to free it.


Look at what was inside!! How gorgeous? I was honestly expecting something cheap and tacky (no offence intended) but this was such a lovely surprise! According to the label it has a RRP of £70 and is sterling silver which is a great way to make sure each person knows what they got.


All in all I love this idea and these are great value for money and will make the most perfect gifts, especially for Mother’s day coming up! Also available on their website are bath bombs which also have a jewel in and a new wax melt monthly subscription box which looks absolutely amazing!


Let me know if you’ve tried any of these candles? What’s your favourite scent?

H x


2 thoughts on “Review* Imperial Candle ❤

  1. I got one of these for Christmas (English Pear and Vanilla) and I love the scent of it. You cran smell it even days after it was last burnt if you leave the lid off!
    My ring was this little infinity ring which is perfect for casual wear, and around £20-£30 I think, and I get a great candle on top!

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