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Review* Billion Dollar Brows

Hey everyone 😘

So just before Christmas Billion Dollar Brows sent me one of their bestsellers kit to review for you guys, it genuinelyfeels like it was only yesterday but it’s over a month ago already!

Anyway, so I was crazy excited about trying this set out. I’ve always struggled with finding an eyebrow colour that hasn’t got reddish undertones or isn’t too dark. My eyebrows are dark brown, not black, not red just dark brown! I’ve literally lost track of the number of brow products I’ve bought and wasted because of this, honestly it’s crazy.


This set is £49.50 on the Billion Dollar Brows website and is only available in one shade, claiming to be perfect for both blondes and brunettes!

Included in the set you get 4 different products; brow gel, a highlighter and concealer duo pencil, the brow pencil itself and a smudge brush, also included is a pencil sharpener!


First the brow pencil, considering it’s meant to be pefect for both blondes and brunettes I do think it’s slightly more on the dark side and some blondes may find this a bit overpowering on such light brows. That being said, depending on how light or heavy you draw, I do believe that the pencil caters for a wide variety of colour brows.


I do feel that the tip of the pencil is slightly on the larger side and it can sometimes be a bit harder to get a precise line but it’s twist-up one so rather than haveing to sharpen it theres always more (I’ve lost track of the lip/eye pencils I have that I no longer use because I can’t find a pencil sharpener!). I do love the ease of having a grooming brush on the end though so if you take it with you to touch up your brows during the day you only need to really carry this one.


The brow gel, this is basically a clear brow mascara but unlike so many others, this one doesn’t actually make your brows all hard and crusty, it sets them perfectly and keeps them in place while allowing them to actually breathe.


Next, the highlighter/concealer duo pencil, both of these colours are perfect for my skin tone and I’m pretty pale but I don’t think it’d be particularly great for use on very dark skin tones. I find that it wasn’t the best for blending and looked very patchy on my brow bone so I had to go over it with eyeshadow to create a smoother highlight.


Lastly, the smudge brush. I didn’t feel like this actually did a lot for my eyebrows themselves as it made them look less natural in my opinion. However, it’s really great at creating the perfect smooth line by blending the concealer pencil around the eyebrows.


As you can see, they look very natural once filled in/drawn on and stay put all day where filled in, where I’ve had to draw the tails on however I do set them with powder but unfortunately if I knock them or touch them too harshly throughout the day they will smudge!

All in all this is a great set for both beginners and pros of the makeup world and it’s definitely one to consider buying if you get the chance!

Tell me your favourite brow products in the comments ❤


One thought on “Review* Billion Dollar Brows

  1. Im obsessed with brows at the moment! will have to try this product…Im a fan of BrowZings by Benefit 🙂
    Please have a look at my blog, follow/ give me any feedback! xxx

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