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Review* Real Techniques sculpting brush set ❤

Happy Tuesday my beauties!

I’ve been so impatient while trying to get this up, until a few days ago I hadn’t even used these despite getting them on Christmas Eve as I wanted to get the best photos while they were still all new and clean!

I won’t lie to you here, I only bought them because they were limited edition and because they were down to £10.47 instead of like £20 and they do look so adorable too. I didn’t really need any sculpting brushes because the ones I do have already are still alright but these are just something completely different.


As with all real techniques products it comes in a see through plastic case which is great as you can still see the product inside. The only thing that isn’t so good about it is that you can’t feel the softness of the brushes without taking them out but, with 90% of the real techniques brushes you don’t have to worry about the softness because they’re all the same great quality.


I still can’t get over about how gorgeous and shiny they are, I mean, the normal real techniques brushes look great but these just look so much more professional and just genuinely more attractive.


The first brush in the set is the sculpting brush which is basically to give you that perfect contour, it’s quite sturdy so obviously it’s not going to just go all over the place you can get a nice defined line which is what you want.


The next brush is the fan brush, this is really really soft, most people just use this to sweep away excess powder on your face but I tend to use it to highlight my cheekbones. The fan brush I had before this one is just really loose, I don’t know if that’s the right word but basically it’s not sturdy enough to put the highlighter on your face without it going everywhere, but this one is totally amazing.


Lastly is the setting brush, now I’ve wanted to buy this for a really long time but I wasn’t quite sure whether I would actually use it so I just left it. Although, now I have it I would not be without it, it is the perfect shape to get right under your under eye and that conceal a perfectly I’ve struggled for a while finding um products will set my under eyes perfectly because I can’t stand creasing and this really does help put the powder in the exact place.

Would I recommend these products to absolutely anybody??
Yes! The answer is definitely yes, I would recommend real techniques brushes in a heartbeat to anybody anyway but these days are just so freaking amazing, I definitely will be getting more of the limited edition sets just for this reason.



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