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Christmas beauty haul – part 2 ❤

Hey lovelies 😚

So here’s the second part to my Christmas haul, I will also have a part 3 which will be MAC only, but I’m waiting for another last minute order before that goes up 😍

Anyway, here goes part 2 ❤

I got 11 various nails Inc nail polishes, I only had a few from this brand that came free with magazines and such but I love the thickness of them and the fact that you can get away with only 1 coat on a good day!


Next, I picked up this Sleek silver gift set on boxing day when they were reduced from £40/45 to only £10! BARGAIN! I was tempted to buy one of these before they were reduced but thankfully I didn’t. I will have a separate post showing exactly what’s in here etc.


Maybelline have a 3 for 2 offer on and a free nail duo if you buy three products so this was a no-brainer. I picked up ‘The Nudes’ palette, ‘The Blushing Nudes’ palette and a Matte lipstick in Nude Embrace (a lot of nudes there!) Let me just say these palettes are soooo pigmented and easy to blend I was very surprised!


I also got the Eyeko sport waterproof mascara, the Maybelline lash sensational mascara and the waterproof Makeup Revolution liquid eyeliner. I’ve heard a lot of good things about eyeko products so once I’ve finished another mascara I will be opening this one. The maybelline I have wanted to try for so long but I loved my (now empty) roller lash too much! And the eyeliner is a favourite of mine because of the matte finish and lasting power!


I stumbled upon Makeup gallery’s brush and sponge the other day and knew I had to give them a whirl! I’ll probably do a makeup gallery vs real techniques sponge post in the near future! The pressed powder is a rebuy for me as it’s the only powder that sets my under eye  concealer without creasing and aging me by 20 years!


I’d been wanting these 2 sets for such a long time so I was crazy excited to get my hands on them. The left are the Real techniques limited edition sculpting set which are just too beautiful and the right ones are the Eco tools beautiful complexion set which I love the chubbiness of 😍


I love how pigmented these L’Oréal Paris infillable eyeshadows are, I got Eternal black and Time resistant white! Also a Bellápierre loose pigment in the shade Champagne, I only own one other ones of these which came in my Pink Parcel back in April but love that so I’m sure I’m going to love this one too!


I’m seriously pushing my luck with the amount of photos I’m going for but ah well! I’m nearly done.

I contacted Billion Dollar Brows just before Christmas and cheekily asked if they fancied sending me some of their products to review and photograph and they agreed! Wooo! I’ve heard nothing but good things about these so this will be up soon!


I love Rimmel lipstick so this was a no-brainer, this is in the shade 06 which is a gorgeous red/pink colour (it looks more of a red in the photos but has a hint of Pink too!)


Lastly, I got a Makeup Revolution advent calendar, I wanted one of these when they were first advertised but after thinking about the cost of the products compared to the £50 these started out at I realised they weren’t worth the money and I’m soo glad I waited, I think my Fiancé paid £20 for it in the end. There will be a full post about it soon 🙂


Amongst all the beauty bits I did get a load of other fun bits ❤

Including the ikea alex 9 drawer set which are filling up with Makeup nicely 😍😍😍


I’ll have a full storage post up in January sometime as I get a lot of questions about storage so watch out for that amongst the others ❤❤

H x


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