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Review* W7 products ❤

When the lovely people from W7 agreed to send me a few products to review I was over the moon. W7 was one of the first makeup brands I used when I was a young teen, mostly due to the affordability so this was an amazing chance for me and I’m very grateful for the opportunity they have given me.

They sent me 4 amazing products to review which I hadn’t actually managed to try until now so that was lucky!

Firstly, the w7 Lashtastic false liquid lashes mascara in black. I’m always on the hunt for an affordable mascara that creates the longest fullest lashes possible. When I first opened it all I could think was ‘wow that wand is huge!’ I’ve used a huge amount of mascaras and all of them let me down one way or another so I wasn’t holding out much hope.. how wrong was I?
This mascara creates amazingly full lashes and almost doubled mine in length which I love! My lashes don’t seem to flatten out or drop during the day which so many other mascaras tend to cause so in all aspects I love this! And it’s only around £2.50!


I have no idea why this is so pixelated so I apologise for that

Second, the Butter kiss lipstick in Red Tulip. I love these lipsticks, I didn’t have this particular one but in general I love them. The packaging is almost identical  to that of the NYX butter lipsticks but I wouldn’t exactly call them dupes as they’re both reasonably priced. Anyway, this is such a gorgeous and fun, rich pink shade which I love, and it’s so pigmented! It applies so smoothly and evenly I literally apply it as often as a lip balm 🙈



Next is a Cheeky chaps multi blush in Popsicle, I hadn’t even seen these until now which is odd as I have 90% of w7s different products. I love the idea of using multiple blushes at the same time and have a few similar blushes. This one however is extremely pale compared to most blushers so just beware of that if you plan on purchasing one. As you’ll see by the swatch below it’s more of a highlighting shade, still gorgeous nevertheless but I personally wouldn’t use it as an actual blusher. I don’t personally think it’s as pigmented as the single blushers (Which I love!) But it’s still very wearable.



Lastly in my little box of goodies is my new holy grail product! A tinted kiss lipstick oil in In The Pink. I’ve seen these a few times but never picked one up thinking it was more a gloss and I’m not a gloss person, turns out this is a better version of gloss. The oil based formula leaves your lips feeling so soft like a balm rather than a gloss but with added pink tint which for me highlights the natural colour of my lips and makes them look glossy at the same time. This particular one smells of watermelon which is an amazing added bonus! My lips are so chapped right now as I went out without having put anything on my lips hence the lack of lip swatches but I will get them up asap! In the meantime, go buy some w7 products 😉



What w7 products do you own? Let me know in the comments below ❤



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