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Countdown to Christmas beautifully ❤

I know it’s kinda early becasue we haven’t even eaten our way through halloween chocolate yet and here I am already mentioning the countdown to Christmas 😉

We all love the mini indulgence of having a piece of chocolate first thing on a cold wintery morning with our morning coffee, and what could be better?? Well, getting new beauty products everyday just tops it for me.

I’m still very much undecided which one I’m getting which, considering it’s almost November already, I really need to pick one before they all sell out!

1. Ciate mini mani month £39
A new mini nail Polish, nail topper or treatment for 22 days of the month a nail file for one and a full size nail Polish for the 24th, this is definitely one of my favourite picks. I can’t resist nail Polish on the best of days.


2. The body shop advent calendar £60
This one’s got a bit of everything in it, lotions and potions, soaps, perfumes, makeup and all those lovely smellies. (Oooh the temptation!)


3. W7 advent calendar
This is kind of disappointing in all honesty, w7 products are pretty cheap so I kind of expected more from their advent calendar. It consists of 10 mini nail polishes, 3 single eyeshadows, 3 lipgloss tubes, 3 mini lipsticks, 3 glitter pots and a mascara. I’m still tempted just for the mini nail polishes!


4. Charlotte Tilbury £150
Charlotte Tilbury brings an advent calendar out every year exclusive to Selfridges and sells out so fast it’s unbelievable considering the hefty price tag. This year it’s set to release in the next few days apparently so if you’re after it keep your eyes open.


5. No7 £38
I love this one, I haven’t actually used any No7 products so this would be the perfect opportunity to get a bit of everything, this has mainly mini makeup and skincare products but also 6 full sized products which is a bonus. You can see exactly what you’re getting on the boots website (ruins the surprise!)


6. Lush- the 12 days of Christmas  £49.99
Ooh, I’m such a sucker for lush products, this advent calendar would smell divine! It tells you on the lush website all the products included which again spoils the fun, but it’s lush so I’ll forgive them!


7. Look Fantastic advent calendar £70
Worth over £250 this has got to be pretty amazing right? Well, I have no idea as I can’t seem to find any information regarding what’s inside anywhere, all I know is that it’s full of beauty products and releases on 1st November (sunday) but I’m swaying towards this one!


8. Makeup Revolution £45
24 full sized makeup products, one for everyday leading up to Christmas! This is another of my top picks, although it is severely overprice with the contents worth less than £30 if bought separately!  Somethings definitely not quite right there.


It’s looking like a tie between the lush one and look fantastic at the moment! I’m gutted the Benefit one sold out so quickly else I would definitely have had that one!

What’s in your dream advent calendar??

H x


10 thoughts on “Countdown to Christmas beautifully ❤

  1. Ah gosh I’m so jealous I would wish on every start to have any of these but student life means sticking with my Dairy Milk one this year! Personally I would get the Charlotte Tilbury one as I feel as if you would get a great variety of different types of products whereas the nailpolish ones i think i would get bored after a while of JUST getting nailpolish. Every bloggers dream to have them all though! xx

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