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Holiday haul ❤

Hey guys ❤

I was planning on having this post up on Monday but it’s taken me the whole week to realise I didn’t publish it publicly 🙈 (serious blonde moment 😂)

I’ve been dying to do this post for the past week but I had such terrible internet on holiday I didn’t actually get a chance to blog, I managed to post a couple of times on instagram but it took like an hour to upload a photo which was really driving me crazy!

I’ll be doing a separate post for swatches as I don’t want to make this post even longer than it’s going to be.

So anyway, we went away to Calpe, Spain for a week and beforehand I was googling and asking people I knew about the makeup brands to look out for. A lot of people mentioned that the more common brands such as Rimmel, Maybelline and L’Oréal worked out so much more expensive to buy them over there and to steer clear.

I was hoping to hit the MAC counter before the flight but once we’d stopped to have breakfast and got all sorted we didn’t have the time to so I grabbed a new Benefit roller lash mascara as I’m close to finishing mine.


While I was on the plane I was scouting the ‘goodies trolley’ magazine and saw these limited edition Frozen lipsmackers set which I couldn’t resist buying. My adorable 2 year old ran off with the Sven one and I haven’t seen it since! But they all have different flavours which I love!


One of the brands that was mentioned a lot was the deliplus makeup range from the Mercedona which is where I headed first.
This foundation with spf25 was the first thing I picked up which is meant to be a dupe for the Estee Lauder Double wear foundation, I haven’t actually tried everything yet as I’m trying to use up older products for a change!


Next is the Deliplus pincel illuminator in shade 1 which is a dupe for the YSL touche eclat highlighter pen, I haven’t got round to trying thing one yet either but I’ll be doing a comparison post of the two soon.


I swatched all the eyeshadows while I was in store and thought I’d play it safe with some neutrals, they are crazy pigmented which I was surprised about.


There was no chance I was leaving without a blusher so I picked up the only wearable shade that was available but it’s definitely perfect for me.


This was highly recommended to try as it’s meant to be better than all the high end mascaras so I’ll be using this the moment another mascara has run out.


This caught my eye the moment I saw the display and I had to buy it because of how gorgeous it was! These are my perfect contour colours also.


After trying out the one above I knew I had to go back for the slightly darker shade which came with a blush. So I did the next day.


My mother in law picked this bright eyes eyeshadow palette up for me from either Aldi or Lidl in Spain from the brand Boulevard which really reminds me of the Essence box palettes.


After taking a little wander to the beach one day we found Ale-hop. For those of you who don’t know what it is I always call it the Primark accessory shop, that’s the best way I can describe it. The one in Calpe is quite a small one compared to the one we visited in Salou last year but I still managed to pick up this adorable notebook. It roughly translates to ‘big things, start small’.


On the way back from the beach there was a small market stall selling Jewellery and this necklace caught my eye so my wonderful fiancé treated me.


A few days into the holiday we went to Old Calpe which had hundreds of different shops lining a hideously steep hill, including a small store called Marvi Mundo which sold loads of makeup and perfume, Score!

Firstly I checked out the Essence stand because although their products are available in the UK, they don’t have things like this limited edition blusher which I’m soo in love with.


Next I picked out a couple of lipsticks which I don’t remember seeing in the UK but we do probably have. I just love the colours!


As I was moving towards the next stand I noticed a sale box with all the 3d eyeshadow duos in so I had to pick up a couple, it would have been rude not to!


Next was the Catrice section which I absolutely adore! I haven’t found anywhere in the UK that sell Catrice so if you do then let me know below. The limited edition collection was the first thing I noticed and after swatching this highlighter I had to buy it.


Next, of course, was a limited edition blusher to go with it, the pattern is just gorgeous.


If it wasn’t for my fiancé coming in and telling me we had to go and get some lunch then I would have ended up with so much more but as it is here are my last purchases. I noticed as I was going through all my lipsticks that I’ve basically bought the same 2 colours 3 times, at least I’m consistent right, haha!


Make sure you keep an eye out for my swatch post and follow my Instagram for extra photo updates.

Love to you all

H x


3 thoughts on “Holiday haul ❤

  1. Great blog, the highlighter is actually very good and I have the plae pink e lipstick which is really nice too… and the mascara made my eyes look like I had really thick lashes for the 1st time ever…

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