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Review* Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium edt. ❤

‘An addictive juice, between darkness and light’

Since released, Black Opium Eau De Toilette has received nothing but controversy in the beauty world. It literally has the consumers divided in two because of the vast difference between the original Opium and this one. As with anything however, change is good, it means there is room to appeal to a wider variety of people.

As you can see, the box itself is matte black with rose gold edges and an embossed YSL logo in the same colour glitter, all the main details are printed in white and rose gold to stand out; already trying to draw you in.


You can see the sophistication oozing through the bottle as you take it from the box. The strong square shaped bottle with the circle at the heart gives you an insight as to what’s inside and is a tribute to the original Opium perfume.

From the first moment, you’re hooked. The zesty citrus fruits along with the strong blackcurrant and juicy pear elements instantly grab your attention; enticing.

The sensual mix of white flower heart notes blended with Jasmine tea and subtle orange blossom keep you hanging on; wanting more.

Before you get a chance to understand what’s happening the scent starts to change, the powerful coffee beans teamed with the soft white musk and brought together with a white wood note make you stay. You want nothing else in  the world; you just need more.


The perfume itself really appeals to my love of sweet-scented products and the white musk just presses all the right buttons for me. Some of the elements are harder to pick out than others and no two people could tell me the same first accord they were drawn to.

With the musk being such a strong element, the perfume never seems to smell the same each time you apply it. It varies and mixes with the naturally produced musk of your body to form a slightly different scent depending on who it’s worn by, whether it’s used on warm or cool skin amongst other factors.


Opium: defined as ‘a reddish-brown heavy-scented addictive drug prepared from the juice of the opium poppy, used illicitly as a narcotic and occasionally in medicine as an analgesic.’ (Google dictionary)

The RRP of a 30 ml bottle is £39, 50 ml is £52 and 90 ml is £77 which is quite reasonable if you compare it to similar quality products on the market. I will say however that you may have to shop around as there are a number of stores selling it up to £10 more for the same size bottle.

Who else has had the luxury of trying this?
Let me know what you thought in the comments.

H x


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