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Top budget mascaras ❤

So I thought it was hard choosing palettes the other day but that was nothing compared to choosing budget mascaras! 99% of the time I’ll wear Benefit roller lash or Diorshow blackout so I’ve had to hide them up for the last few days to try out all my budget range ones instead. (Which I don’t own a lot of!)

1. Barry M showgirl mascara £5

I actually love the wand on this! I bought this some time ago when I needed a mascara desperately but didn’t have the time to wait for it to get delivered and I didn’t think much to it but now that it’s been sat open for a few weeks I actually love it!


2. Freedom pro long length mascara £2
For only £2 this is pretty awesome, it does lengthen the lashes well and doesn’t clump which is always a bonus! The brush is really odd shaped which I manage to make such a mess with.


3. E.L.F volumising mascara
I’m not actually sure on the price of this as I received it in a swap and can’t seem to find prices online but this is really quite awesome, I love how thick my lashes look after using it.


4. Maybelline the falsies big eyes
Unfortunately I have no idea on the price for this one either but being maybelline it’ll definitely be within budget! I love having separate ends for upper and lower lashes. I can’t fault the lower lash one at all. If the upper lash one wasn’t as clumpy then I’d love that too! It may just be where it’s been sitting around for a while.


I’ve also heard some amazing reviews about the maybelline lash sensational mascara which I’ll pick up and review next week hopefully.

What’s your favourite budget mascara?

H x


3 thoughts on “Top budget mascaras ❤

  1. I was so excited about the Barry M mascara when I first got it and it did make my lashes look very good, but unfortunately by the end of the day my eyes were so puffy (allergic reaction) I decided I couldn’t use it anymore 😦

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