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Top 5 budget lipsticks ❤

I challenged myself with this one to find the absolute cheapest lipsticks I own that I love, I must say I did pretty well to get them all under £3 (I was aiming for £5 to start with)

I do have one honourable mention which I will list last.

1. Makeup revolution – rebel with cause £1
You can’t beat a £1 lipstick whether it’s good or not. This one happens to be amazing and also a dupe for MAC rebel which is always a bonus. I love the makeup revolution lipstick formula but make sure you look out for the ones which also smell amazing too! (This one included)


2. Freedom pro – 113 whispers  £1
This was a hard choice. I have 12 freedom lipsticks and wear them all regularly but this always gets a little more attention than the rest.


3. MUA – pouty pink £1
The same as with the other 2, these are very good quality for the price you pay, I will say however, the matte version are quite drying (as with a lot of matte lipsticks)but with a lip balm underneath I have no problems!


4. Makeup gallery – pink Berry £1
For those of you who don’t know, this is from the poundland makeup range which is unexpectedly amazing! If you didn’t check out my first reviews of makeup gallery products then you can find it here.


5. Essence lipstick – cool nude £2.30
I literally picked this up on impulse while rushing to buy an eyeliner and in the mad 2 minutes I was in the store grabbed this and another one and ran for the till. Turns out this is the PERFECT nude! I absolutely love it, it’s not very longlasting but I honestly don’t mind applying it a few times a day!




Top to bottom:
Makeup gallery, MUA, Freedom pro, Makeup revolution, Essence.

My one honourable mention!

So I’ve only put this on the list because right now all of these are on offer for £4.99 and that fits (just) into my £5 budget limit.

Revlon colourburst lip butter in sorbet
Was £7.99 each!!
I cannot tell you how much I love these, they genuinely feel like a lip balm but with the most beautiful range of colours and they last for ages!



They also have the Revlon HD lipsticks on offer for £4.99 which are also amazing so it’s worth checking those out too!

What’s your favourite budget lipstick??

H x


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