Top 5 budget eyeshadow palettes ❤

This was one of the hardest decisions I’ve had to make in terms of favourites because I have so many cheaper palettes that I love so I’ve chosen ones from all different brands to make things easier 😂

1. Makeup revolution Iconic 3 £4
I only got this one recently but I instantly loved it, I wasn’t sure when I bought it but I think it’s now my favourite of the three naked dupe/ iconic palettes.


2. MUA Romantic efflorescence  £4
I remember the first time Isaw mua products and how I thought they were probably just cheap and tacky! Oh how wrong was I there, I can’t fault this palette in the slightest, it’s definitely worth looking into trying if you haven’t already.


3. Collection little Mix £4
I bought this around Christmas time as I wanted a smaller ‘Naked’ dupe and this was perfect. Apart from the collection this is my only other product from collection but I instantly fell in love with it.


4. Freedom pro decadence Rock and Roll Queen palette £6
I cannot convey my love for this palette enough, it has the most beautiful range of Jewel tone shadows imaginable. If you haven’t checked out the Freedom pro products yet make sure you do!


5. Sleek i-divine in Jewels £7
Again another pigmented palette from Sleek, this has had a lot of useage in it’s time and you can see why. Apart from the Rock and Roll Queen palette this is the only other one of my favourites with a mirror!


Let me know your favourite budget palettes below 🙂

Hannah x


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