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Top 5 budget blushers ❤

This is the first of a week long budget beauty challenge, each day I’m going to show you my favourite budget makeup products in specific categories so you can see that it’s not always about how much you spend on a product that makes it amazing, it’s about the product itself.

Today I’m going to show you my favourite budget blushers.


1. <a href="Sleek Blush Rose Gold

If you haven’t heard about sleek products then you’ve definitely been living in a different world, they make some of the most amazing products in the budget price, high quality bracket and this blush is no different.


2. <a href="W7 Candy Blush in Explosion

I think these are around £3 in most stores but near me we have a store which sells a lot of makeup at cheaper prices so I picked mine up for £1. I love the quality of w7 products and it seems to bea very overlooked brand in the makeup world, it’s definitely worth looking into though!


3. Evie (peacocks) glam blusher £3
I actually bought this ages ago but it’s one of those products you forget how much you loved it until you try it out again so this is back on my top list! The packaging is Benefit inspired too which is a bonus.


4. <a href="Milani Baked Blush, Berry Amore
“>Milani Baked Blush, Berry Amore

I bought this off Amazon a while back after using up all of my first one which was bought for me, I absolutely love the glitter in this blusher, it adds such a perfect glow to any makeup look.


5. Makeup revolution blushing hearts triple baked blusher in blushing heart  £4.99
My most recently purchased blusher and by far the prettiest packaged, I thought I’d try this out before buying the too faced equivalent but I think I might just stick with this one at less than a quarter of the price but with an almost identical quality.


Below are swatches of each, photo taken in artificial light with no flash.
Sleek, w7, Evie, Milani, MUR.


Artificial light with flash.


Have you tried any of these ??
What are your favourite budget blushes??

Hannah x

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