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Top 5 products you need in your makeup collection ❤

So everyone has their favourite makeup products that they just can’t live without no matter how hard they try, right? And no matter how hard you try, you still struggle to convince the world that you’re not crazy and the product is genuinely the most amazing thing in the world!! I, amongst some of you can totally relate to this so I hope you guys will take my advice and get your hands on my all time top 5 makeup products.

1. Too Faced chocolate bar palette

The smell, the colours, the pigmentation is all just too overwhelming to put into words.


2. Benefit Roller lash mascara

With a push-up wand which separates and instantly lengthens and adds volume to each lash can only mean good things.


3. New CID cosmetics i-prime

I’ve used more primers than I can even think about but this is the only one which doesn’t feel greasy and actually holds your face in place all day!


4. Rimmel match perfection foundation

I love this foundation, it’s only a medium coverage but it’s one of the only ones I’ve used that doesn’t leave dry patches on my face or make me break out.


5. MAC lipsticks

With over 180 different shades and 8 different finishes there’s something for everyone and anyone.


Make sure to leave me a link to some of your favourite product posts so I can check them out.

Hannah x


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