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Hello my lovelies,

Unfortunately I’m unable to edit the last post again for some reason so I decided to make a new post with the latest information I have.

If you didn’t have the chance to read about in my last post then you can find it Here

But basically are a Berlin based company from the founders of Code is the new Black, they allow you to earn vouchers and rewards (such as lipstick and perfume) in return for sharing posts across social media platforms. Sounds perfect right? Well if you read my previous post then you will see the issues and the many emotions caused over the past few months.

Right, so lately have been missing off the face of the earth so to speak, they are no longer replying to twitter/Facebook messages or emails which is getting a lot of people worried and causing a huge number of people to report them to ASA  (advertising standards agency) who are supposedly ‘dealing’ with it. A couple have also told me they have called and the person who answered said that are no longer in business!

I have however had this confirmed as being a total lie, are still very much an alive business, just because we don’t see what goes on behind closed doors doesn’t mean there’s nothing being done.

In fact it’s much the opposite, have been putting their heart and soul into finding a source for funding, originally they were funding the whole thing themselves, since they exploded into the internet world and now that they are more established they have needed someone to help fund the company and keep it going. This issue is now almost resolved and vouchers that have been earned in appropriate ways will be issued once the funding is secured.

This means within the next few weeks maybe a month will be THE platform we’ve all been dreaming of, just don’t lose faith in the meantime ❤


Hannah x


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  1. If this is true the least they could
    So is update their Facebook/Twitter/website/Instagram and let everyone know what is going on. Instead of just totally ignoring everyone and staying silent.


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