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Review* MAC is beauty- call the hairdresser ❤

I’ve been desperately trying to post loads recently but unfortunately the wordpress app isn’t letting me post loads of photos in one post which sucks as I have a big Freedom pro haul amongst other things I want to share with you all!

So anyway, last Thursday was the MAC Giambattista Valli collection launch in the UK and after waiting and waiting I managed to get one in my basket forgetting this one was already in there but by the time I checked out the other one was sold out so I just ended up with this. (I’m waiting for 2 of the GBV to arrive from a London store so all was not lost!)

I’ve been eyeing this up since they first released but I was like do i? Don’t i? But it’s mine now and I must say I love it.
It’s my first lustre finish MAC lipstick and I’ve found a lot of people don’t actually like them, I on the other hand don’t think the formulas all that different to the creamsheen formula so I have no problems with it.


As you can see from the photos it’s like a muted rose shade, which looks quite glossy once applied. It does highlight imperfections on your lips but fortunately for me my lips are not always as dry as they look today.


I’m not going to lie, it doesn’t last too long when eating and drinking but it does leave a stain so I’m happy with it!

Honestly I forgot how much I love mac until today and I’ll definitely be buying a lot more when I get the chance.


I’ll try to have most of my shorter posts up this week seeing as I don’t have a lot of trouble with them but the longer ones I’m probably going to have to wait to post 😦

Hannah x


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