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Review* New CID Cosmetics i-prime ❤

Hey everyone 👋 hope you’re all enjoying the Sunshine 🌞

A few weeks ago I bought Glamour magazine so I could try the model co. Eyeliner out (which I hate in all honesty) but I noticed if you subscribe to Glamour for £1 for 3 months you got a free gift (the new CID Cosmetics i-prime) so I thought for £1 you can’t really go wrong, less than 2 weeks later it turned up on the doorstep and I couldn’t wait to try it out.


Firstly the Packaging is just amazing, I love the icey look with the white and silver..So gorgeous!
You have to twist up the bottom silver part to open the pump which is an awesome idea as my son has a thing for squirting my makeup all over the place and hasn’t worked out how to get into this (yet!)


The product itself is like a gel, and it’s like the perfect consistency, thick enough that you know you’re applying something other than water but not cakey and heavy. It also doesn’t feel greasy which is good, the maybelline primer which I reviewed a while back was really greasy feeling which annoyed me.


I literally leave it about 60 seconds then apply my foundation which goes on smoother and more even than ever! It claims to help your makeup stay on for up to 8 hours but 12 hours after I put my face on it was all still in place!

Total lifesaver! I think I actually prefer this to my smashbox primer which is saying something.

If you’ve tried this let me know what you thought. If not then let me know your favourite in the comments so I can try more out 🙂

Hannah x


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