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Review* Bare Minerals Marvellous Moxie Lipgloss ❤

Sorry I’ve been MIA everyone, I’m not going into details but thing’s have been hectic and I just had to take a little break to sort things out, but I’m back now and more focused 🙂

Anyway, I’ve had this small Bare Minerals Marvellous Moxie Lipgloss for a while, but I never got round to using it until now as I was put off by a reaction I developed from a fake MAC lipglass (I didn’t realise it was fake when I purchased it).

They’ve used pretty standard, basic packaging which is come to be expected from Bare Minerals, although I do like the fact that it comes in a little box!


The applicator is slightly longer than a normal lipgloss wand which I personally find it a bit harder to apply but everyone has different preferences 🙂


It feels pretty heavy as you’re putting it on which annoys me to an extent but I only really use a small amount so it’s not much of a problem. It also has a very strong smell of mint which is also to be expected as it’s a Plumping gloss.


Literally only a few short moments after applying it my lips began to tingle and this feeling grew stronger and definitely made my lips plump up, more my bottom lip but there was a definite difference. The tingley feeling lasted for a good hour or so until the gloss wore off but you get used to it by that time and barely notice it when you reapply.


Unfortunately a lot of gloss sat in between my lips but this was after about half hour so a bit of movement is to be expected.

I’ve got to say, this gloss is such a lovely colour, it’s in the shade rebel which is always imagine to be a deeper colour but it’s more of a neutral pinky colour so it’s a perfect everyday gloss for me.
I’d definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for a good Plumping gloss!

Hannah x


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