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Cosmetics testing on animals ❤

So I think I’m the only person in the world who didn’t actually realise how makeup was tested on animals and since finding out I’m definitely going to be looking for brands that aren’t committed to this down right repulsive action.

I realise that testing on animals is now illegal in most parts of the world but for those areas where it isn’t you might want to change your mind to what you buy.

So I basically was under the impression that the companies just put a bit of lippie or eyeshadow on animals (see photo below) and logged whether they had a reaction to the products!

Image from【photos】/

Unfortunately this was totally wrong! They inject different combinations of ingredients into the animals system, scrape their skin and put the ingredients onto sores, burns and cuts to see whether they react to the products!


Once their reactions are recorded and added to the database the animals are then killed and disposed of.

I actually feel like crying right now, and the companies who condone this sort of thing should be ashamed of themselves! Companies which use animal tested products include; Estee Lauder, Johnson and Johnson, Revlon, L’Oréal, Maybelline and my all time favourite brand.. M.A.C!!

If you want to check out a brand and check it’s cruelty free status then please do so on PETA.ORG where you will find the latest updated list of every company that does and doesn’t test on animals, not just in makeup but for everything else too!!


Please tell me someone else didn’t actually realise this too, so I’m not the only one :/

Hannah x


12 thoughts on “Cosmetics testing on animals ❤

  1. Thank you for posting this. I thought the same way you did. I never really put too much thought into it and I guess I was too ignorant to do the research.

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