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Makeup storage ❤

I am crazy happy right now, I FINALLY have a dressing table for all my makeup instead of using old gift boxes 🙈 anyway, I just had to show everyone as I’m sooo excited!!


So on top I have my perfumes, brushes and favourite lipsticks (they will all be on there eventually, when my other holder turns up)


Drawer one: back left is primer, concealer, powder, bronzer and contour products. On the right are all my blushes and at the front are foundation, lotion and my real techniques miracle Complexion Sponge.


Drawer two: in the back box are pigments, single eyeshadows, duos and trios, basically all the smaller ones. Next to those are my palettes that wouldn’t fit where I wanted them! Then at the front are my eyeliners and mascaras.


Drawer three: the back left box are my bigger palettes, right are my smaller palettes, front left are my lip crayons and liners, then front right are blushes I haven’t used and false nails.


Better view of the palettes in drawer three!


Bottom drawer: back left are lipglosses, balms and lacquers, back right are all my other lipsticks, then at the front are all my new things that I haven’t got round to using yet and empty packaging that I’m not quite ready to throw out 😉

Please note I’m not trying to brag in the slightest, in all fairness I have practically nothing compared to other people !! But haters gunna hate right!

Hannah xx

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