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Review* Pilaten blackhead pore strip ❤

After looking for an amazing way to get rid of blackheads a number of people recommended that I try the Pilaten blackhead pore strip, which is a Chinese made product which has been raved about for a while now.

The sachets are available from eBay and cost me £2.90 for 10 but you can find different deals depending on how many you want to use.


Each sachet contains 6g of product, which is plenty to cover your whole face nice and thickly, always a good sign. I honestly don’t think it has any sort of smell to it but you may have found it does, I’ve heard different things from different people.


Leave it on until it’s dry as you normally would with peel off masks, it took roughly 10-15 minutes to dry on me, slightly longer under my eyes and in the middle of my brows for some unknown reason. I’d advise you to not put it on the more sensitive areas of your face, I feel I went too close to my eyes here (and managed to get it in my brows 😂)
It does seriously hurt to peel off, I swear there was like a layer of skin leaving my face!


As you can see above, it’s taken off skin, removed some blackheads and ripped out all the tiny hairs 😂


I struggled with a before and after photo for this, the left is before but it looks quite blurry unfortunately. The right is after, it’s definitely removed a few blackheads but by what people were saying I was under the impression that 99% would be gone which is not the case. I’ve also been left with quite a dry nose which sucks because I only exfoliated yesterday and it was a lot better then.

Overall, my skin feels really smooth and a bit fresher which I really love but, to me, it’s just another face mask but a lot more painful!

Hannah x


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