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New product* Makeup Revolution Affirmation palette ❤

So makeup revolution have done it again and been able to tempt 90% of the whole beauty world into buying another much ‘needed’ palette!

The Affirmation palette is a mixture of nudes, smokes, roses, chocolates, coppers, blues and purples. This means there’s something for everyone to get excited over. 


As we’ve come to expect from makeup revolution they have again used standard black packaging with gold writing and a photo of all the shades on the back. Not that I normally pay much attention to the back but it does give a really good idea as to what the shades look like inside, just incase someone’s stolen the tester palette (which 99% of the time they have done in my local superdrug!)


Makeup Revolution is renowned for making amazingly pigmented dupes for eyeshadow palettes (amongst other things) for less than quarter of the price of the high end version and this is no different! Although I can’t for the life of me think of what this reminds me of.


Shades include (from top to bottom starting on the left)

Pledge, Positive, Vow, Announce,
Forward, Vouch, Reveal, Convey,
Affirmation, Accept, Oath, Assure,
Morale, Time, Rely, Disclose,
Approve, Reliance, Consent, State, Hope, Confidence, Willing, Insist,
Advance, Blaze, Vouch, Bold,
Truth, Light, Promise, Declare.

The palettes are available from Superdrug stores or Makeup Revolution
Online for £8 which is a bargain considering what you get for your money! Anyone who hasn’t tried their products definitely needs to! For all my international followers, they do ship worldwide!

Make sure you leave your link below if you’ve already reviewed it or tried it!

Hannah x


9 thoughts on “New product* Makeup Revolution Affirmation palette ❤

  1. Awesome post. I’ve just got the Mermaids Forever palette but now I’m thinking I might need this one too😕. Love make up revolution so much,90% of my make up is all MUR. X

    1. Lol it’s a much needed one 🙂 it’s just a perfect selection of shades, wow! Dedication right there 😉 I think mines about 50% MUR but I have far too much rubbish stuff that I won’t throw out haha 😂 x

  2. This looks lovely, I have two palettes from Revolution already, but this looks like everything in one, which is always handy. I think I will have a look out for this when I next go shopping.

      1. I have never tried them ones, I have the Iconic palettes 1&2 which I love so much. Theyre amazing. xo

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