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Review* Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge ❤

Hello everyone 🙂

So the wait is over and I’ve finally finished reviewing the Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge for you all. It’s been a really difficult one to review in all honesty, I really wanted to hate it as I have done with every other foundation applicator, but I just can’t!

I’ve had to use the same photos of the packaging from my previous post as I stupidly threw it away!

The miracle complexion sponge is basically a dupe for the more expensive beauty blender, I love real techniques in general so I knew the quality would be up to standard, they’re available to buy from superdrug and boots for around £5.99, which is roughly half the price of most face brushes they sell.

So really quite boring, standard packaging, the only thing that really draws me in is the brightness of the sponge, I do however like the fact that they’ve put yhe instructions on the packaging so you know right from the off what the best way to use it is.


I first tried the sponge dry to apply my Rimmel match perfection foundation, I felt like it just sunk into the sponge and didn’t give the same finish as I’d normally get from applying it with my fingers.

After trying it damp and ringing it out as much as possible I did notice a difference, the foundation didn’t absorb into the sponge and I actually found it a lot easier to build up on my face than with a brush or hands, which in all honesty I was surprised about because I’m very much against anything but my hands.


I ended up using a mix of the flat end and tip to blend my contour although I did feel I had to use my finger to blend right under my eyes, more for the fact that I didn’t want to smudge my eyeliner than anything else. In all fairness it did blend really well! If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll know that I have issues with contouring at the best of times, but with this I feel I could do it without worrying so much!


As for cleaning the sponge use your normal brush washing product (I use baby shampoo) and just keep squeezing the sponge until all the soap’s gone, unfortunately mines stained already so doesn’t come completely clean but it’s certainly more sanitary.

All in all, I’m really happy with the results, I’d definitely advise anyone who buys one to use it wet rather than dry, it does mean it takes slightly longer to apply your makeup but you can’t put a time limit on beauty, right!

Let me know if you’ve tried this and what your opinions were in the comments below.

Hannah x


5 thoughts on “Review* Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge ❤

  1. First time I used mine I made the mistake of dumping foundation straight onto the sponge – it was a nightmare to clean out! I like patting it on with fingers then blending with the sponge 🙂 I don’t have any other sponges though, so I can’t really compare…also loving the hair colour ❤

  2. I love this sponge it’s amazing and so affordable the only thing is it doesn’t
    Last too long at all I used to clean mine after every application and it just got all ragged and torn after a while 😘 great post btw xxx

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