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Superdrug haul, swatches and first impressions ❤

I failed my no-buy already and we’re only 12 days into the month 😥 I couldn’t help it though, I saw the Limited edition 100 years of maybelline products through the window of superdrug and went to have a look then the rest is history!! Maybe I’ll try again next month 😂

Anyway, I thought I’d have a quick swatch of the lipsticks and instantly fell in love with the 100 years of maybelline coloursensational lipstick in plum passion, it’s a gorgeous purple colour which I seem to have an obsession with at the moment.




It’s not as pigmented as it looks and the swatch looks very pink but it looks like a lovely berry shade on the lips which is awesome, instantly my new favourite lipstick!

I then ended up drawn to the whole maybelline stand and seeing as they had a 2 for £10 offer decided to buy the baby sking instant pore eraser which I’ve been looking to try out for a while.



I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews about this and I don’t want to say too much as I will be doing a full review on it over the next few days but it is fantastic, and it works really well.

I always have to check out the MUA section jusy to see if there’s any new goodies, unfortunately they had sold out of the 5th birthday palette which I wanted so I ended up grabbing an eyeliner in berry wine. I genuinely thought it was a lip liner so that’s what I’m going to use it as.




In all honesty it was useless as an eyeliner anyway and wore off in a few hours. It’s not my sort of thing as a lip liner either though, I prefer a hard pencil to get a strong sharp line but this slides all over the place, I’m quite gutted really as I love the colour!

I also saw an anti smudge clear lip liner which I’ve wanted for a while but always forgot to look for, so I ended up with one of those too.


It seems to act as a barrier to lipstick which I didn’t expect, I had a lip coloured line round the edge of my lips which looked dreadful but maybe if I line just outside of my lips it’ll stop it from smudging.

Who can go to superdrug without lusting over makeup revolution ?? I sure can’t, I picked up another couple of borderline purple/pink lipsticks, the left one is crime and the right one is enchant.


Top- crime, bottom- enchant.

It’s really strange how pink they look on, not quite what I was hoping for, the hand swatches also look very different here to when I swatched them in store which is a shame. Enchant is very pigmented and has more of a matte finish, crime on the other hand is more of a sheen and you really have to go over it a few times to get a good coverage which I’ve never noticed with any other makeup revolution lipsticks.

Lastly, as I was standing in the queue, I had a quick look at all the brushes and on a whim decided to try their version on The beauty blender.



They call it the miracle complexion sponge, I’ve not used anything like this before as I normally use my fingers but I thought I’d give it a go. I’ve not actually tried it yet as I want to do a full review on it in the coming days but I’m actually really excited about it!

Anyone tried any of these who have reviews let me know your thoughts 🙂

Also please excuse the fact that I have wonky lips in the swatch pictures!!

Hannah x


17 thoughts on “Superdrug haul, swatches and first impressions ❤

  1. I really want to hear more about Baby skin cause I think there are no similar primers in drugstore but I have also heard mixed reviews. And love the shade of Maybelline lipstick

  2. The packaging of the Maybelline lipstick is adorable! And those pink lipsticks look lovely on you. I meant to get that Real Techniques sponge, but haven’t yet. Looking forward to your review!

    1. I know :’) I may have to go back and get more 😉 thank you you’re so kind! I was going to try it today but I’m having a lazy day so no face on but I’ll give it a go tomorrow and see what it’s like 🙂 x

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