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Review* MAC viva glam miley cyrus ❤

Hey everyone 🙂 I’ve slightly slipped up on my May no-buy and ended up with another MAC lipstick 🙈 I really didn’t need anymore lip products but this just fell in my basket so I was obliged to pay for it!


As always, it’s the standard MAC bullet shaped casing but instead of the silver accents it’s a bright colour which is borderline pink/red.


How crazy is it that you can see the usage so dramatically after 3 applications! Maybe I’m heavy handed 🙈
Anyway, the colour is just amazing and as it’s an amplified formula it’s really creamy and just as pigmented as the matte formula but without the drying effect!


Unfortunately the lasting power isn’t as long as the matte formula but after applying it in the morning I only had to make one more application throughout the day. In all honesty though I can never get a lipstick to last all day! I will say it does look slightly darker on your lips than the swatch but it’s too gorgeous for words :’) I love it and would recommend it to everyone and anyone, it’s a colour to suit most skin colours.

Hannah x


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