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Review* E.L.F. HD blush in Diva ❤

Hello beauties 🙂 i feel like I haven’t posted in ages, life’s been uber-stressful recently but I promise to post more often, I’ve got so many idea’s running through my mind so I may have to go posting crazy!!

Anyway, remember in my last haul post I bought a load of E.L.F products?? Well I got the HD blush in Diva, I’m not normally a liquid/cream blush fan but it was something like 80 pence so I couldn’t resist trying it!


I love the packaging idea, very much like foundation packaging with the pump so that’s a great start. The colour looks crazy bright which, honestly, put me off a bit but I thought maybe if I used a tiny bit and blended well then there’d be no problem.


This was the amount I went for, split between both cheeks, compared to the amount of powder blush I’d normally use this is practically nothing! The consistency isn’t as smooth as a foundation normally would be and it kind of feels like it’s slightly dry, which is wierd, I’m not sure thats how it’s meant to be but in first instance, I don’t like it.


How mad is this!!! That tiny bit of blush and it’s basically covered my whole hand! It doesn’t blend very well with my fingers and even worse with a brush! It just sort of stuck to it and smeared all over my face 😂 really not impressed with it at all! I think trying to take it off after was even more frustrating, I scrubbed for a good 5 minutes before I even noticed a difference! Not going to lie, this is probably going to end up in the bin!

Anyone else have any experience with these ?? Am I just too fussy or are they genuinely hard to work with ??

Hannah x


10 thoughts on “Review* E.L.F. HD blush in Diva ❤

  1. Wow that’s bright😎. Such a shame that it’s not that great,I’ve heard great things about Elf x

    1. Haha yeah 😂 well so far it’s the only elf product that I don’t like so maybe it’s just that one that isn’t good 🙂 I’d definitely recommend trying the eyeshadows, normal blushes, mascara and lipsticks though 🙂 xx

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