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Review* Rimmel wake me up foundation ❤

Hey everyone 🙂 sorry I’ve not posted much recently, life’s been hectic! I’m not going to go into detail but just know I’m back now 🙂

So I’ve been trying out all my products from my haul the other week and thought I’d hit you with a few reviews, some good some bad just to mix it up a little 🙂

Firstly is the Rimmel wake me up foundation in ivory which I was really looking forward to trying as a lot of people have recommended it as one of the best ‘drugstore’ foundations. It’s also been labelled a dupe for the YSL foundation so I was hoping it was going to be amazing!


Turns out I was wrong! Unfortunately this is definitely not for me, there’s been a lot of controversy over the ‘glitter’ that’s in the formula and whether you can see it on or not, well I can! I went outside and I swear I looked like a disco ball! The coverage is more low-medium than medium-high as so many people have stated so that was unfortunate.


As I was blending (with my hands) I noticed more and more coming off and sort of crumbling on my hands, which is crazy because it feels exactly the same as the match perfection one which doesn’t do that! I’d also used the same routine that I’d normally do so it wasn’t that either.


I’m really quite gutted over this, such a let down for me unfortunately. I’ll be sticking to the match perfection foundation from now on!

Has anyone else tried this?? What did you think about it??

Hannah x


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