Update*** rewards ❤

12 weeks on and no more vouchers, I’ve honestly lost all hope now. Nobody seems to have received any vouchers/rewards in a good 3 weeks now and the ‘new customer service system’ seems to be ridiculously slower than before as I’m only seeing 1 or 2 replies a day on twitter and nothing on facebook. It’s mainly full of communication complaints and people who are yet to receive vouchers. There are no real updates provided and these are the ‘new standard replies’



So have ‘apparently’ got a better customer service system in place, this should mean people are actually get getting replied to.. Well somehow I don’t think it’s working, I messaged them last Thursday and only got a standard ‘we’re trying to make sure everyone has their first vouchers first’ response. After replying instantly I’m still waiting for another message back!! Seems to be a lot slower if you ask me. said about doing ‘daily voucher drops to clear the backlog’ on twitter last week in response to someone asking how often vouchers are given out. I’ve seen barely anyone receive a voucher in the past week or so so this is a load of bull***t!! It’s now been nearly 8 weeks for my next voucher which is a pi**take considering the 3 day wait everyone was told in the beginning. I, amongst other people are really losing patience now and a lot have already reported to trading standards or similar.

Bloggers do not promote for free, so best start pulling their fingers out and hopefully can redeem themselves before it’s too late!!

Finally received another voucher today!! Wooo! It took just over 5 weeks but it’s here and already spent!


I was starting to doubt whether I’d ever receive another one or not but they just seem to be seriously overloaded so it’s a bit hit and miss as to who gets what when. They are however working on fixing this and have assured me that by next month they will have a more efficient platform. This means a faster processing of vouchers and a lot more organisation, hopefully!

I understand that it’s going to take time to fix the issues and we’ve all just got to be patient and keep calm. They are getting round to everyone but it can’t be fixed overnight unfortunately :/

Hannah x

After speaking to a lovely employee this morning I figured I’d just leave them to it! They’ve promised that everyone will get their vouchers but it’s taking them twice as long to get anywhere because of the amount of emails, tweets and Facebook messages they’re having to deal with! They’re trying to keep everyone happy by replying but the time spent replying could be better used to look through the system and issue vouchers.


Maybe if we all decided to give them a bit of space from the tweets etc then things will improve. I can’t guarantee it but it’s definitely worth a shot right?!

Rant alert ⚠
Looking through Twitter earlier and the amount of people moaning becasue they’ve been waiting a week for their vouchers is unreal, and seem to be replying to them quicker then the people who have been waiting up to 7 weeks -_- fuming! I’ve now been waiting 4 weeks for 2 vouchers and by Friday another 2 -_- and I’m getting no reply from them anywhere! A lot of people are getting more and more pissed off daily and don’t actually seem to care! I get that they’re new to all this but surely someone there has a bit of freaking common sense and to issue the vouchers out asap starting with the people who have been waiting the longest?? Today I’ve lost all hope with them as a company unfortunately and just want to pretend like none of this has happened and go back to my happy life without feeling like I need to check my phone and emails every minute to make sure I don’t miss anything!! Euuuggghhhh!!

(sorry guys, really needed that! I hope you all get your vouchers soon :))

So have updated their customer service tools and seem to be replying to people a lot quicker than before although they are replying in order of messages received starting with the oldest!

I spoke with one of the staff the other day and they mentioned that once the customer service situation had been improved they will be starting larger bi-weekly voucher drops so that they can get a hold on the backlog and start getting vouchers out within the 3 working days that they specified in the beginning! This is amazing news!

They’re also planning on bringing out an app which will make life so much easier for us all, this is in progress currently and shouldn’t be too much longer before it arrives!

With regards to the rumours that I mentioned last time, it’s all a load of rubbish and people are trying to claim they have cashed in points for vouchers when they aren’t even a member of the site! The cheek of it -_-

Hang in there, they are really trying to sort things out and hopefully, when they do, will be the platform we’ve all been waiting for!!

I’m really feeling for all of you who have been waiting for a month or so for your first voucher 😦 I’ve now been waiting 3 weeks for my third which is annoying on its own let alone not having had any :/ I feel like they’ve made such a mess of an amazing idea, they should have issued vouchers as they were earned, there would be no backlog and people wouldn’t have to be waiting months.

I understand trying to get everyone’s first vouchers out to them before the 2nd and so on, but at the same time they’re making life harder for themselves! It’s getting really frustrating for a lot of people and by the sounds of things they’re trying to make excuses for not sending vouchers out! Not impressed!

There are also rumours circulating that they aren’t going to be giving out anymore vouchers and rewards and they’re just trying to keep people sharing posts and earning points to keep their business alive!!! Absolutely disgusting if this is the case!!

(don’t hold me to this as I don’t know the validity of the information )

Wooo!! Got my second voucher last night at quarter to 9 after waiting 12 days!! They’re definitely very dedicated to what they’re doing, they’ve been working all weekend including the bank holiday today and a lot longer hours than normal just to try and deal with the backlog! They’re in the process of making sure everyone has at least one voucher to start with although there are people saying they’ve waited nearly 3 weeks which is crazy!

This afternoon they also decided to up the referral points to 150 each, I guess the more referrals they have the more funding they get or something along those lines but I really don’t see how that’s going to help their current situation in all honesty :/ more people means more vouchers which also means people are probably going to have to wait even longer for them!

Really hoping they do well and carry on with what they’re offering, in all fairness it’s a pretty awesome idea they’ve got here and I know I’ll carry on supporting them! Well, as long as they hurry up with the rest of my vouchers anyway 😉 I’ve got a lot of blogging planned for the look fantastic vouchers 😍


The other day they took the popular posts off the site as people have been ‘gaming the system’ I don’t know how that works as they have no rules set out, but there you go!!

I’ve also been told that I’m on the list for my vouchers and that they are now doing them in order so that sounds like they are finally managing to get through the huge backlog of requests!! It must be hard for them as a new company but it’s also been a very frustrating process for us all too!! Hang in there, they are doing their best!

Still no response from regarding other vouchers which I have now been waiting a week for despite me emailing, tweeting and messaging them on Facebook -_- they really do just pick and choose who they send the vouchers to and when, I know people who have been waiting less time and received more vouchers and also people who have been waiting longer who get responses from them saying basically ‘just wait’!!!!

the site is 100% genuine 🙂 i just received my first £100 voucher ❤

So if you’ve used any social media sites in the past week you’ll probably have stumbled across a site called where they’re offering vouchers and rewards for getting other people to sign up and sharing posts across Google+ Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook etc.

Who are they??

They’re a part of a company called Code is the new Black which are highly reputable and have been around for a number of years. The part has only recently launched and apparently we’re not expecting the amount of new members who joined, they firstly opened up to the blogging community and now have gone viral, I mean come on, how can you not expect that from offering free vouchers for basically doing all the things a blogger would normally do!

Too good to be true??

Normally if it seems like it then it is, but certain people are receiving their earned vouchers which to me is a good sign! Although, it seems that they’re selecting people out of the hundreds who have requested them.

But the one question on everybody’s mind is ‘is it real??’

Well, so far I’m on the fence, there’s a lot of people who are receiving their earned vouchers and I have personally seen a few screenshots of the emails confirming their codes!

But at the same time, there’s so many people who just haven’t heard or received anything! I requested my vouchers on Tuesday and Wednesday and got a confirmation email on Tuesday but since then, nothing, I’ve emailed tweeted and facebooked them but no replies!

You want to mess with the blogging world??

Seriously though, if they were planning on scamming us all just so they could get their name out there they should not have chosen the blogging community to start with, I mean come on, their name would be spreading like wildfire for all the wrong reasons! Surely they have more sense than that??
Let’s hope so anyway!!

Has anyone else received anything from them yet?? Or managed to speak to anyone??

Hannah x


4 thoughts on “Update*** rewards ❤

  1. I’ve been waiting for my voucher for about 4 months now …. Value of £250 they disappeared from Twitter God knows what is going on plus I be been told that they got request only for 2 vouchers it’s shocking …….am not even waiting no more it’s just action speak louder than words …. They should be ashamed of themselves x

  2. Unethical, Unfair and Deceptive Business Practices For Free Marketing.

    I’ve patiently waited for two months for vouchers! The customer service is poor and the response time is ridiculous.

    1. Definitely, I’ve been waiting for 2 months for my next one 😦 no sign of getting any though :/ yeah I agree with that, been waiting a week for a reply to my twitter messages and over 2 weeks for email reply 😦 xx

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