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MAC Toledo collection lipstick first impressions ❤

I’m actually really excited about writing this post, probably more excited than I was when I bought my first ever MAC lipstick which, inevitably, sat in my makeup box for over a week before I dared to use it!


This is my first limited edition MAC product and I must say, I think I’ve chosen quite well! I went for the MAC toledo collection lipstick in ‘Oxblood’ as I’ve been looking for an amazing nude lipstick for ages, one that looks like an actual colour rather than just a sheer finish and doesn’t leave you looking like you’ve put a ton of concealer on your lips, and I’m hoping that this will be the one!


I’m soo in love with the packaging, from the first time I saw these advertised I knew I had to buy one.


I must admit it does look a bit darker than the other photos I’ve seen of it but this is true to colour.


It seems to be more coral-pink than an actual nude but so far I’m impressed!


I actually never noticed how uneven my lips were until now 🙈 but so far so good, I’m really loving this colour and it actually does feel a lot creamier than most of the other matte shades which is a bonus!


I’m going to admit now that this was kind of bought for the packaging rather than anything, if it was standard bullet colour then I probably wouldn’t have picked it up but I’m glad I did!

Anyone else have this?? What are your thoughts??

Hannah x


8 thoughts on “MAC Toledo collection lipstick first impressions ❤

  1. Hey, I really like your blog! What finish is this lipstick? Oh and by the way I decided to do your 14 days makeup challenge if you fancy having a look! Today is day 1 🙂 xxx

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