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Sleek international mother’s day gift set ❤

Back in February, I posted about the Sleek Mother’s day exclusive gift set and how awesome it looked, well they’ve decided to release another one in plenty of time for the International Mother’s days!

I’m so jealous of this one! I may have to add it to my collection and just pretend it’s mother’s day again!


So they’ve used the same idea as the last one but changed a few items and made it better. This time they’ve chosen to go with the spring theme!
So the first item is the i-divine eyeshadow palette in ‘Oh so special’ which includes mainly neutral colours with a few pastels.


Next is the blush in ‘Pixie pink’ which I really like the look of. Although it does look quite bright so may not suit everyone.


Then there’s a true colour lipstick in ‘Baby doll’ which looks like the perfect pink for spring time!


Also included is the ‘precious metals’ highlighting palette which was also in the previous set, I still have to get round to trying this one!


And lastly, the Limited edition makeup bag, which was also in the February set.


The set is available to buy exclusively from Sleeks’ website for £25, which is £3 more than the last one for some reason. It only works out to a £2 saving not including the make up bag. But if you sign up to their website you get 10% off your first order, and they do ship internationally for those of you who are worried.

Anyone else planning to buy one for themselves or someone else??

Hannah x


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