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Model co. Makeup set review ❤

Model co. Seems to be a less talked about brand, unless I somehow manage to just miss all the posts about it, I don’t know. Anyway a few weeks ago I went into my local department store outlet and they had various Model co. Makeup sets reduced from Christmas, originally meant to be £14.99 and reduced to £2!! Of course I had to buy one, if they had different colours then I’d have bought more for sure.


They’re called the Jet Set Glamour limited edition 3 piece colour collection, this one’s destination St Tropez. The set includes a lipgloss, lipstick and blush, all in peachy shades.
The display box is beautiful, it was the first thing I noticed about this as I love fashion illustration!


After taking it out the box you realise just how much of the packaging is actually wasted, and the plastic part is covered in a velvety feeling material (eughhh -_-)


The lipgloss is a very subtle Peach which looks amazing on the lips with just a hint of colour, the formula isn’t sticky and gloopy which is awesome as that’s the one thing that puts me off wearing lipgloss, unfortunately it doesn’t last very long on and you have to reapply every 10 minutes in my case!!


The lipstick is actually a lot lighter than I thought which sucks, the swatch is really pretty but on the lips it looks like a concealer with a hint of pink 😦 it also feels quite drying and doesn’t last at all.


Last is the blush which looks very similar to Sleeks rose gold just without the shimmer finish, I love this soo much! I’m a sucker for rose gold but sometimes when I’m going for a more matte look it doesn’t quite fit in so this is my go to for those days! As long as you have a decent primer on then this stays all day so it’s pretty awesome!


Swatches left to right: lipgloss, lipstick, blush.

So all in all I’m glad I didn’t pay full price because I’d have been a lot more disappointed than I am but £2 for an blush that’s pretty much what I’ve been looking for is a bargain!!

Has anyone else tried any of these sets?? What did you think??

Hannah x


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