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So susan eyeshadow quad review with swatches ❤

Hey everyone, I’m so sorry I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday I was amazingly busy and I just never got round to it. But I’ll make it up to you all and add an extra post in for tomorrow 🙂

So anyway, I found this So Susan quad laying in the bottom of my makeup box yesterday morning and realised I’d never used it, I have no idea where it even came from!


I’ve heard of So Susan before but haven’t tried any of their products so I was really excited about trying this lost beauty out. I noticed it’s also cruelty free which is awesome!


The packaging is pretty plain and boring if I’m honest with just a brown case and white writing on it but the adorable colours totally make up for it.


All the shades have a shimmer finish which I really like, the first is an ice blue, next is a dusky pink/mauve, then a deep blue- purple and a charcoal. Unfortunately there’s no mirror in the lid which really sucks because you can’t really take it on the go unless you have a mirror nearby.


The shadows boarder on the ‘too chalky’ feel unfortunately but are still really pigmented and easy to work with so there’s no problem there really. They don’t last very long and do seem to disappear after just a few hours if you don’t use a really good primer.

I’m really quite unsure of this in all honesty, part of me loves it and part of me hates it.

Let me know if you’ve tried any So Susan products and what you thought about them.

Hannah x


6 thoughts on “So susan eyeshadow quad review with swatches ❤

  1. I read on a blog awhile ago where she talked about So Susan and I didn’t think to much of it at the time but after looking at your swatches, geee There nice. I love my purples and hope to see you with a look soon. Great find

    1. I’m normally a very neutral person but I’ve been trying to venture out and use other colours and purples are definitely some of my favourites now 🙂 I’ll probably do a look over the weekend 🙂 x

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